Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cards and Lists

A few days ago the kids got cards in the mail from Nana. Just like me, they get very excited when they get mail.
Wowsers! Nana sent Happy Thanksgiving cards with a dollar bill inside! The boys asked then and there if we could go to the dollar store to find a special treat. Nana knows it doesn't take much to bring a huge smile to little hearts.
Annalyse got a card and dollar too, but she seemed less than impressed. I think she was just wondering why her brothers were yelling and laughing so much over a piece of paper.
In preparation for Christmas, Grady Lee suggested we make a list so that "Santa knows what he's supposed to get for me and doesn't forget what I want."

1. Cranky: A character from Thomas the Train.
2. Thomas phone: No idea where this came from... must have seen one at a friends house?
3. Race Track: He saw one at Target that "will make my cars go super fast and not get stuck under the stove!"
4. Car Cup: I think this means a Lightning McQueen cup.
5. Dump Truck: Good idea because I think we only have about seven other dump trucks in our house.
Micah wanted to follow suit and also made a list for Santa. I'm not able to translate, but hopefully Santa can.


  1. So cute! I love finding little lists that my kids have made for Santa...usually Jack is the ring-leader which is quite clear when Sophie's list contains a Panthers football helmet & jersey...
    Love that picture of the boys with Annalyse in the middle, SO cute!

  2. So cute...I love your little boys!! And their spelling...very impressive, Mom! :-) Happy Thanksgiving!!