Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Will Remember

The year 2010 is almost over. Sometimes I smile and think of great memories, wishing I could go back in time and experience things again. Other times, I close my eyes and sigh with relief, glad that certain events have passed. Still other times, I flip open my day planner to look back and remember what really happened this year. Some things are a blur in my mind and other things seem so long ago that it couldn't possibly have happened this year, could it?

The truth is, a whole lot happened this year. A whole lot of fun. A whole lot of tears. A whole lot of stress points. A whole lot of answered prayers. And a whole lot of, "God, I have no idea what you're doing but I'll do my best to obey and follow you" happened, too. Sometimes the obedience happened, but a lot of times it didn't. Just being real.

This past year, I experienced the goodness and grace and provision of God in ways I couldn't have imagined. He kept my fridge and cupboards full, despite periods with no income. He kept my husband focused and motivated to excel with his dreams, despite some really hard setbacks. He kept my boys happy and healthy, despite nine months of a pregnant, unhappy, and often sick Mom. He kept every single one of his promises, despite my lack of faith and my lack of willing surrender to Him.

These are things to remember.

He gave me a beautiful and precious baby girl. He gave me opportunities to teach and mentor and disciple others. He gave me moments of laughter and periods of freedom from the pressures around me. He gave me a church family to worship with and serve alongside. He gave me family that loves and supports and encourages.

These are things to remember.

He blessed some friends and family members with new homes, good health, career advancements, and the birth or adoption of beautiful babies. He also chose to remove some from their home, allow serious illness, experience job loss, and walk the valley of saying goodbye to a child forever.

These are things to remember.

These are things to remember because, regardless of how I feel, what I experience, or what opinion I have, God is still good. God is still sovereign. God is still faithful.

Too many times I overlook the simple blessings God gives, and I'm often oblivious to the wondrous acts of goodness and grace that God provides each day. But that doesn't stop Him from providing, from loving, from protecting, or from giving. God knows me and my needs. Better yet, God remembers me even when I forget Him.

Thanksgiving 2010: I will remember.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL words, Sarah! It is SO good to remember & SO necessary! God is good ALL the time!
    Love that song, too!

  2. I will remember the deeds of the Lord - YES I will remember Your miracles!!!
    Great post...we always need to keep in mind how much the Lord has blessed, taught, refined, sharpened, encouraged, and loved us! We have such a good and gracious God!!