Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Better Late Than Never

(This post was actually supposed to publish several days ago, but I saved it in my Drafts and then forgot to publish it. Oops. But, better late than never...)

The morning started off chilly, but by the afternoon we were in t-shirts. Fall is perfect weather. And, since it's not too hot and not too cold, my boys are content to be outside all day to play. This means a lot of sand and grass stains for me later on, but I much prefer that over two active boys inside tearing up the house!

We spent almost three hours at a local park that my boys think is the greatest. They love walking by the pond and trying to catch turtles (there are turtles on rocks almost everywhere you look), and throwing stones to see who can make the biggest splash (they also find it hysterical when the turtles dive after the stones in hopes of finding food).
There are several different playgrounds and a big sandbox scattered throughout the park. This is great because there's always enough to do and things are never crowded. This also gives my boys plenty of room to pretend an apparatus is a rescue boat that they are on "to save the world!"
Be still my beating heart - Micah asked me if he could jump and "will you catch me, Mom?" I shrieked a loud NO and demanded that he come down immediately. Have I mentioned that he is going to give me my first gray hair or put me in cardiac arrest?
We came home and found a package on the front porch from Grandpa and Oma Peeler. They sent some darling clothes for Annalyse (she will be stylin' this summer!) and some bubble-jack-knife-blowers for the boys. 

OH.MY.GOODNESS. The boys went nuts about the different blades and the shape of the bubble each one made.
Even now, several days later, the boys still have their bubble blowing knives jammed deep into their pockets. I've walked in on them using their knives to "fix" the windows, "fix" the table, and "fix" the refrigerator. Thanks goodness these are plastic knives or I'd have a house in disrepair from their attempts to repair!
When Grady got home from work, he enjoyed some cuddle time with Annalyse. She loves her Daddy - I know she does. She looks at him and responds to his voice. I hope she grows up to call her Daddy her hero and her friend and her example.


  1. Love the photos at the end of Grady feeding Annalyse, looks like she is grinning SO big!
    How awesome to have that great park so close by!! Kids SO need time outside to keep everyone sane!

  2. Ohh - those look like fun - I'm googling them for stocking stuffers - love that kids can enjoy the simple things like bubbles!