Friday, October 29, 2010

The Simple Things

I have friends that have blessed me beyond measure. It's almost November already, and that means that it's been five weeks that our family has received meals four times a week from caring friends. This is huge! Every mom knows that when 4:00 pm rolls around, kids are whiny, you're tired, your husband isn't home from work yet, and the thought of preparing dinner makes you cringe (or yell or cry or hide...).

I'm grateful for friends who took time to make and deliver a Simple Dinner - and even for friends who thoughtfully bought us gift cards for some local take out. The downside, however, is that the meals are about to stop and come November I have to locate my cook books and try to remember how to prepare dinner for my family. (I'm saying thank goodness for crock pots!)

I also have friends that in the last couple of weeks have offered to watch my boys so I can rest or run errands without three kids in tow. Anyone offering to watch my boys is a superstar in my book because that is no Simple Thing!

And then there have been the friends who have mailed cards, sent gifts,or taken time to call and check in on Annalyse and I. Some of these are friends from times past - Chicago, high school, college, etc. It's fun that a little baby seems to reconnect me with long-lost friends. I love it. 

What about you - what Simple Things touched you this week?

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