Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sun-Up To Sun-Down

Today was fun. A lot of fun. But it was busy - from morning till evening we were moving and going.

The day started out with a very chilly, but sunny, soccer game. The best part: Grady Lee scored his first goal! Albeit, for the other team, but still, it was a goal.

After the game, we stopped home to change our muddy clothes and grab lunch. Then it was off to Carowinds for our last visit of the season. The boys enjoyed a "Howl-O-Fest" with lots of simple Fall activities geared for kids.
They got yet another pumpkin for the front porch. This brings our total to something in the double-digits... what on earth will we do with them all?! We've painted and carved enough to last the season.
Grady Lee was particularly fascinated with an old truck, painted like an alligator, that blew bubbles. I think he spent a good 10 minutes just staring at it trying to figure out "how the special gas in the truck makes bubbles come out?"
A hay bale maze kept them busy for another few minutes...
... until they realized there was trick-or-treating to be done! They were off to the races with the bazillions of other kids to get treats.
When Grady and I were sufficiently bored and tired of the Halloween fun and crowds, we headed into the amusement park for some rides. There were no lines and Grady enjoyed a trip on the new ride - the Intimidator - while the kids and I watched. I sure wish I could have gone, but will continue to smile and insist to Grady that "It's really okay. I'm just happy that you got to enjoy it, Babe. Maybe next summer I can. Besides, I had several people give me accolades for trooping around the park by myself with three kids under the age of five. It's all good!" (But inside, I'm a little, teeny-tiny bit sad. Just being honest.)
Annalyse snuggled close to me on her first ride on the carousal. As usual, she slept and doesn't have any recollection of the fun time we all had.
We finished out the day by watching the boys ride the kiddie rides several times. The weather couldn't have been better and there were no lines. But, after a while, there were some yawns and whines and we sensed some melt-down possibilities coming and decided to call it a day.
We got home and the boys sat down to watch a movie while I folded a couple loads of laundry and made dinner. No sooner did the "Thomas the Train" theme song get going, and they were asleep on the couch. Totally pooped and out cold.
But, the smell of pumpkin pancakes and maple bacon woke them up, ready to eat! Uumm, both boys had three pancakes and four pieces of bacon. Should I be concerned that my toddlers ate more than me?
Family fun time... the stuff weekends were meant for.


  1. Sounds like an awesome fall day! I bet everyone slept well last least I hope they did! Looks you're a pro already at life with 3 kids!

  2. What an AWESOME fall day!! Looks like you all had so much fun! Those pumpkin pancakes sound DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a beautiful fall day! You all look like you had a wonderful time, with a new baby too boot! Way to go (and cute blog!)

  4. Love that you are feeling better & able to be out & about! It looks like you guys had SUCH a fantastic fall day! This time of year is wonderful! And I do think you are a super trooper!