Thursday, October 28, 2010

One Already?!

Guess who is one already? Well, one month already. Oh my goodness did the past four weeks f-l-y by! Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that Annalyse joined our family, and other times it seems like she's been a part of our family for always. Either way, none of us can imagine our family without her now!
Annalyse had her one month well-visit today. Lucky girl got some shots and turned a lovely shade of red from crying so hard. She weighed in at 8.5 lbs (25%) and measured 21.25" (60%). She's at that awkward size: a tad too long for New Born clothes but not long enough for 0-3 Month.

One thing is certain: she has two big brothers that adore her! They smother her with kisses and smoosh her with hugs. They sing to her and try to play peek-a-boo. They tickle her toes and pile heaps of toys on her lap. And they are ever so anxious for her to sit in a highchair and join us at dinner each evening. Thank you Jesus for two boys who are transitioning well to loving and caring for a baby sister.
Knock on wood, but so far she is a pretty easy going baby. She has a long way to go in sleeping through the night, but we'll work on that soon enough. 

We spend a large portion of each day outside and she is happy as can be to sleep in her stroller and ride along after her big brothers.
Annalyse is working really hard to smile. We've caught a few short smiles, but the camera has yet to capture it. Her eyes can track and follow, which makes the boys laugh so hard. ("She wants to play with me, huh Mom? Her eyes are looking at me!")
Oh Baby Girl, you are loved! "The Lord has done great things and we are filled with JOY..." Psalm 126:3


  1. Loved reading your post; Caris has also brought so much joy to our lives; a picture to us of God's never ending grace (Caris means grace), which I haven't deserved, but it's been such a blessing. I know that you feel just as blessed; I love seeing all the photos of your precious baby girl; It is very fun to experience it after the world of boys!

  2. What a sweetie!!! I love the picture with all three kids! So cute:-)

  3. Seriously precious, Sarah!! I remember those early days of excitement about which A.dorable outfit to put on my baby girl each day...that doesn't go away even after 2 years:) We had our ultrasound yesterday and the baby is very active:) We are NOT going to find out the sex this time either. We are all about the surprises!! As of now, the baby is lovingly referred to as "Bob". I so enjoy your blog. You have a way with writing and telling stories that is just captivating!! Plus I feel like you are stealing pages from my life story!! Take Care!

  4. She is just precious! One month? Already? Why can't time just stop, sometimes!?! Hope you are feeling better. Blessings!

  5. ONE {month} already & next she'll be going to college! She is precious & loved & I know she is going to be doted on by two very loving & protective brothers! Happy One month to your sweet girl!

  6. Whoa....slow're movin too fast! You've got to make the moments last!!! :-) She is super super super sweet! I am celebrating one month for YOU too, Mommy Dearest!!!

  7. So precious!! p.s.- I like your bedding in the first few photos :)

  8. And that is ONE loved little girl! She is just precious. Isn't it so fun dressing a girl? It doesn't ever get old! I still look forward to picking out Sophie's clothes every day! Enjoy every minute!!!!!!

  9. She is adorable and I can't believe how cute and how much the three kiddos look like each other!!!