Friday, October 8, 2010

The Simple Things

I'm thankful for many Simple Things this week. For starters, friends who offered to take care of my boys this week while I was without help. Since I can't lift, walk far, or bend well, this was a true lifesaver - for my sanity and for my boys!
I'm also thankful for a Baby Girl who is learning to take a pacifier to soothe herself and sleep well. 
And, goodness gracious, I'm thankful for two little boys who seemingly love their Baby Sister and are happy to have her in our family! I'm often asked "if I can hold Annawyse and wock her?" The cutest thing ever, is hearing my boys rush into the room if they hear her crying and they immediately begin to sing Jesus Loves Me to her. Although their voices and pitches are anything but calming, Annalyse seems to enjoy it.

I'm certainly, most definitely, absolutely, positively thankful for two boys who, for the most part, have been content to play "quietly" and do things inside all week. But, heaven help me if they have to stay inside much longer... they are starting to go stir-crazy, as am I.

I'm also thankful for the gift of diapers! At the rate we're ripping through them, diapers and wipes are the perfect gift.
Finally, I'm really just thankful that Annalyse is here and that God chose me to be her Mom. There is no greater joy and no greater privilege.
What about you - what Simple Things did you enjoy this week?


  1. I love that your little girl is here and I love that you have great friends to help...but most of all I love that Micah is sporting a headband in those pics!!! Does that happen to be one of his sisters? What exactly is it? :)

  2. I can NOT wait to get my hands on the sweet little munchkin! Sarah, you make having a baby and getting back to normal life look like a breeze! Guess you need to be sending me your secrets!!! Praying you are feeling better this week!!