Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Sad Morning

This morning was a sad one: Grandma boarded a plane and flew home. But, she will, thankfully, be back for a week later this month. Since I still can't walk much or lift anything, her help this past week was absolutely needed.

- Laundry washed, folded, ironed, put away: Check
- Floors mopped and vacuumed: Check
- Bathrooms cleaned: Check
- Fridge, pantry, and cupboards stocked: Check
- Entire house dusted (including ceiling fans!): Check
- Baked apple crisp and apple bread: Check
- Handled all meals and dishes each day: Check
- Timed and delivered all pain meds to a usually sleeping me: Check

And, in her "free time," she managed to keep two very active and very loud boys busy.

I'm pretty sure the highlight of Grandma's visit, for the boys at least, was the new "big boy bikes" that Grandpa and Grandma gave them.

Lucky Grandma got to trot up and down the sidewalk helping the boys stay on course until they got the hang of it.

A friend gave the boys crayons and water colors for the bath. Heaven knows I certainly don't have the ability (or patience!) right now to clean up after the bath time fun. But, thanks to Grandma the boys colored in the tub for a good hour and she had everything returned to white soon after.

She also came prepared for some fun crafts in case it rained - which it did, so this was perfect.

And, in the evenings when the house was quiet and things were picked up, she gave lots of love and attention to Annalyse.

Sigh... it stinks - it really, really stinks living so far from family. But, the good news is that Nana arrives this weekend to help with things and to meet her third granddaughter! (Is it Friday yet?)


  1. You're Mom is simply amazing! (Your Dad too but let's just focus on your amazing Mom for a minute here) I'm so thankful you got to enjoy some time with your family! I hear you about being far from family it is very hard. We just had some family in town too!

  2. I agree with Michelle, what an amazing & wonderful woman your mom is! I'm so glad she was here for you this week & I remember those teary goodbyes
    :-( I love all of the glimpses at your first week home with baby girl! And I'm glad to hear that you took lots of naps!

  3. Wow...what a blessing to have your wonderful mom with you for your first week home! She sounds AMAZING!!!!! I'm glad she was here to pamper and take care of you while you recover.

    That baby girl is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. Okay, I'll admit, I cried when I read this. What a gift your parents are...and I can see that you are well aware of that. What a perfect week. I love those sweet pictures and I cannot wait to meet Annalyse.