Monday, October 18, 2010

She's Bbaaacckkk!

This last Friday Grandma came back. And I am one grateful daughter with two very excited toddlers and one very happy husband. When Grandma comes, the house is spotless, the oven is always baking or cooking something, the boys are outside all day to play, and an arsenal of new crafts and games and fun is always hidden in her 
It had only been two weeks since Grandma was last here, but Annalyse has already grown and changed so much. Annalyse did her best to give Grandma lots of smiles, though she hasn't quite figured it out yet. You can see her really trying to get the corners of her mouth up, but goodness gracious, it's just so much work!
Saturday was Grady Lee's soccer game, and Annalyse made her first public debut. Micah did his usual, "Go Owange team!" and I'm certain Annaylse was thinking it too, even if she didn't say it.
Grandma and I watched from the sides and laughed hysterically at Grady Lee. Aim for the goal? Not a chance. Make contact with the soccer ball? No way. Pass the ball to a team mate? Not on your life. Instead, he chugged up and down the field, swinging his arms as fast as he could ("I go weally fast when I pump my arms, Mom!"), and grinning from ear to ear as he ran... ran anywhere but the right way or to the right place.
We've enjoyed perfect Fall weather the last couple of weeks and Grandma, who is from Michigan where it's already pretty cold, has relished the blue skies and comfortable temps. She's coached the boys to ride from our house all the way to the neighborhood park where there are lots of paved trails. The boys think they are super tough and strong now that they have rode their bikes "way far away to the park!"
Saturday evening, Grandma asked the boys if they wanted to help give Annalyse a sponge bath. The boys couldn't scurry up to the table quick enough to lather her up. Take a look:

Everyone knows that taking family pics on a Sunday morning before church sounds like a great idea. After all, hair is combed, there are no grass stained knees on the boys, and I'm not wearing a shirt spotted with spit-up. But, everyone also knows that Sunday mornings are rushed and that little boys do not like to sit still for more than 13 seconds. Regardless, here's what we got:
And here we are, Monday already. I'm not sure what this week holds - only Grandma does. All I know, is I'm sitting here at the computer, sipping coffee and enjoying a quiet house since Grandma is at the park with my boys. 


  1. Beautiful pictures...and a beautiful mommy and grandma! I especially love the picture of you and your mom with Annalyse.
    I'm just bummed I didn't get to see you yesterday!

  2. What a great mom - sooo glad she's able to come back and help!! I know all about family being away and how excited the kids get when they come - enjoy your coffee (and maybe a nap?)

  3. love these pics! i can't believe how big she is getting already. glad your mom is there to help out :)

  4. Your mom is great! (can I borrow her for a week?!?) Your kiddos are adorable! You look amazing! (and I might add I think I wore that same shirt in purple last week!) Enjoy relaxing while your mom is in town!

  5. Yay...having Mom around is the BEST! :-) Soak it up!! Enjoy your wonderful blessed week! Hope you're feeling good!

  6. I think you got some GREAT before church photos! It was great to see you for a brief second in the hallway Sunday morning, but I am so bummed that I have yet to meet Annalyse! Know that you have been having a great week with your wonderful mom!