Thursday, October 21, 2010

Riding, Petting, Running, Picking, and Eating... Oh My!

Since October rolled around, we've seen pumpkins appear on our neighbors door steps and entryways. Grady Lee has been asking and asking (and asking and asking!) "when are we going to visit the pumpkin farm and choose a jack-o-lantern for our house?" Well, since Grandma has been here this week we decided it was the right time to go!

Since moving here four years ago, we've visited the same farm each year. The boys love it. To begin, we load up for a hay ride (which, we were actually informed was a straw ride). The kids are given a cob of corn and a bucket. It's their job to shuck it and take all the kernels off before the ride is over. Grady Lee asked several times if it would turn into popcorn when he took it off the cob.
Annalyse slept the entire ride and wasn't the least bit amused by the cows we passed in the pasture. We happened to be on a wagon with a kindergarten field trip and, despite the loud yells and laughs, she was out.
After the wagon ride, our first stop was the milk shed. We watched the farmer milk a cow and explain that our milk and butter and ice cream comes from cows like this. Later that day, Grady Lee asked me if the "special milk baby Annaweese drinks turns into ice cream too?" Um, that would be a big no, but thank you for not asking that question during the milking demonstration.
We spent a long time in the petting barn with the rabbits, goats, sheep, chickens, cows, and ducks. Micah was a little timid at first, but once he realized the goats and sheep didn't have front teeth, he was ready to feed and pet them.
This cow is 36 weeks pregnant and her stomach is enormous. When I explained to the boys that she was a mommy cow and going to have a baby, Grady Lee said, "Her tummy is pretty big, just like yours was Mom!" Does that mean my four-year old likened me to a cow?! I guess I can't blame him...
Of course the boys made a bee-line to "ride" on the tractors after visiting the petting barn. They are into mighty machines right now, and even though these tractors were forever-old and didn't work, they were convinced they were driving them and plowing the dirt.
And, what's the point of visiting the pumpkin patch if you don't actually choose a pumpkin? Micah grabbed the first pumpkin he found, and Grady Lee wandered and wandered taking his sweet time. 
After a lot of careful searching, we all had the perfect pumpkin, including one for Annalyse, too.
 Our final stop before heading to the van was a quick run through the maze of straw bales.

When the way out got difficult, the boys tossed the rules to the wind and hopped over the bales instead. Creative little guys? Maybe. Rule-breakers? For sure.
Taking a straw ride, petting the animals, choosing a pumpkin, and running through a maze had us all ready for lunch! Can you believe that Grandma had never been to Chick-Fil-A? Since that is absolutely unacceptable, we headed there for lunch.
Whew! When all was said and done, we came home and crashed. Actually, the boys, Annalyse, and I crashed... I think Grandma opted to do my ironing and make some meals for my freezer. (Have I mentioned lately how much I love and appreciate her?)


  1. Looks like SUCH a fun trip to the pumpkin patch/farm! ALL of the photos are adorable & I especially love the ones of the boys on the tractors!
    I can't believe that you have never taken your mom to Chic-fil-A before! How did she like it?
    Annalyse is a doll, it looks like she thoroughly enjoyed the day, as well!
    Oh, and YOU look FANTASTIC!

  2. What a fun trip you had. We LOVE Hunter Farms! I have to agree with look AWESOME girl!

    Enjoy the rest of your time with your mom!