Friday, October 22, 2010

The Fun Just Doesn't Stop

When Grandma comes to town, I cease to exist. My boys only want Grandma's love and attention and help. Hey, I say no problemo to that! 

She left this morning to fly home, so the transition back to my rules and my routine will take some time for the boys. They've had three weeks of rotating spoiling from Grandpa, Grandma, and Nana. 
Taking night walks with glow sticks... does it get any better?
Painting pumpkins... and since Grandma was the sought-after-hero, she was on duty to get all the supplies out and clean everything up. I was on duty to take a nap.
Baking pumpkin bread... Grandma was on duty to supervise egg-cracking and pumpkin-scooping. I was on duty to taste-test.
Hiking in the woods... Grandma was on duty to kiss away owies from falls, to gather stones to throw in the lake, and to help stuff acorns into little boy pockets. I was on duty to mosey behind them and snap a few pictures.
Painting and poking... Grandma had a genius idea to have the boys paint Styrofoam balls and then poke cloves into them. Usually we do this with oranges but we figured toddlers would have the oranges smashed and maimed in their attempts to gently poke the cloves. No matter - the Styrofoam and cloves still make the room smell wonderfully Fallish.
Making teddy bear biscuits... once again, it was Grandma's idea so she supervised assembly and clean up. I supervised taste testing - again.
By now Grandma is probably getting off her plane and waiting for her suitcase. And the rest of us? We're all tired from a fun week and headed upstairs for naps!

(Oh... you're wondering why Annalyse and I aren't in any of these pictures? That's simple: we chilled and relaxed in the background while Grandma maintained a flurry of activity to keep two little boys busy!)

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  1. Aw, what a wonderful week! I'm so glad that you got to hang back, chill out & relax! Your mom is such an amazing lady & I know you are just like her!