Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Boys

For once, just once, I thought I'd post a few pics and notes about my boys. The last few weeks have been entirely about Annalyse. And, after all, with someone as sweet and cute as she is I just can't help it. But, lest my boys come back to me in 20 years and declare that I overlooked them, I thought I'd do a post just about them.

Every day they spend time on their "big boy bikes." They are way beyond the point of me being able to keep up with them. Now it's more like me yelling, "Far enough! Stop and wait!"... as they continue whizzing around the walking trails and off through the woods.

Oh - and did I mention that Micah collided with a light pole? I'm considering full-body pads for Micah. A helmet might not cut it with as accident-prone as that kid is.
Heaven help us when we move and are more than three minutes from the lake. They love to walk and play and splash there. I think the ducks hear them coming and flounder to make a decision: 1) stay and get bread tossed to them but risk little boys trying to pet them, or 2) swim away as fast as they can in hopes of escaping the yells and fury of two little boys. 
Grady Lee came tearing up to the screen door the other day yelling, "Look Mom! Look what I found!" Nine times out of ten this means I need to open the screen door at my own risk because he has an animal or a bug of some sort. This was no exception. He proudly held a lizard... and proceeded to tell me how cute it was and that he loved it... all this followed by a big kiss. (And yes, I refused a good-night kiss from him later that night.) 
Micah... well, he's just Micah: always hurt or in trouble or causing trouble. Bless his heart. He is my little man whom I adore, but seriously, the child is an unpredictable handful.
I look forward to dressing Annalyse each day and am thoroughly enjoying the pink and flowers. But, deep down, I'm still very much a tomboy at heart and really do love that God gave me two boys!


  1. Sarah, I love reading about your family everyday. It helps to ease the long distance some. I remember when adam was Micahs age, he too was always getting hurt.we have many pictures of him with banged up head,fat lip,two teeth knocked out etc..I don't think they ever grow out of it, it just turns into bigger things like broken bones etc. but for me it is fun to watch what new and crazy thing he will try next. He has no fear and I think that god will use him in a powerful way some day because of his lack of fear. thanks for sharing everyday. Btw what did you mean about moving,are you guys planning on moving soon or is this something in the future? You know that we will always vote for you to move home,just not sure you could give up the beautiful weather that you enjoy everyday. Love you all very much!

  2. And God gave you such precious boys, at that! Love hearing all of their stories & seeing the adorable photos!

  3. As always, love hearing about adventures with your boys!...but wait, did I miss something? Are you guys planning to move or just know that you won't be in that house forever?? None of my business...just curious. :) Miss you.

  4. Love all of the stories, Sarah. You have such a precious family. I'm a tomboy at heart and God gave me two girls!!