Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Fun

After Grady Lee's soccer game, we enjoyed a couple of hours at a local Fall Festival. 

Grady Lee: "What's a festival?"
Me: "It's like a party."
Grady Lee: "Will we sing Happy Birthday?"
Me: "Nope. Not all parties are birthday parties, Buddy."
Grady Lee: Will there be cake?"
Me: "Nope. Not all parties have cake, Buddy."
Grady Lee: "Will it be a fun party?"
Clearly, in his little mind a party must be a birthday party and it must have cake.

Our first stop was a magic show. The boys were interested and enjoying it, until the Chik-Fil-A cow walked by. Grady Lee couldn't run up to it fast enough and offer a high-five. In contrast, Micah stayed and hid behind my leg.
There were lots of food vendors offering free samples. Free and food are all I require for a party to be considered a good time!
The boys each picked out a pumpkin to take home and decorate. Our front porch has gone from zilcho pumpkins to eight pumpkins in less than a week. Does anyone want one? I may be able to sneak one away when my kids aren't looking.
Next stop was a hayride. Micah was so happy that Dad could join in on this one!
Once again, Annalyse missed out on the family fun. She much prefers to snooze the day away while someone makes her life comfortable and pushes her around in a stroller.
After the hayride, it was time to explore some fire trucks. The boys were giddy-excited walking to the trucks, and then played all-shy when they could climb on them and talk to the firemen.
Our final stop was making a wood project at Home Depot. Real nails. Real wood. Real hammers. No pretend Little Tikes stuff this time! And, to my amazement, no injured thumbs or fingers either.
And, last but not least, time to carve a pumpkin! Grady Lee has been asking for a "Jack-O-Wantern" ever since I told him it was Fall time. "But I want a nice Jack-O-Wantern, not a scary one, kay Dad?"

And here you have it - the very happy and very unscary Jack-O-Wantern.


  1. How fun! It looks like you had a great day : )

  2. What a fun-filled day!

    BTW...It was GREAT seeing you this morning (if only for a minute)!!!! Annalyse is PRECIOUS!!!!! And you looked AMAZING!!!!

  3. What fun stuff! I love fall activities! And I can totally relate to the conversation from the beginning of your post about all parties being birthday parties...I have had similar conversations with my kids...Darcy even thought for a while that you don't turn the next number (year older) without a party...if only that were so! ;-)