Saturday, September 11, 2010

CHAMPS - The Cheetahs

Grady Lee was bursting at the seams at 6:45 this morning. He ran into my room and announced that "it was time to eat a fast breakfast and quick put my leg guards on so we can go play soccer!" Oh my. Usually, our day doesn't begin until about 7:30 so I was still sleepy, groggy, and unmotivated to get the eager kid his oatmeal and shin guards on.

Today the Fall season of CHAMPS Sports began. Grady Lee is signed up to play on a four year old soccer team and Grady has agreed to coach. Mind you, this isn't your typical church soccer game. There are literally thousands of people milling around to play soccer, t-ball, and flag football. Imagine 150ish four year olds trying to play soccer. It's kind of comical - more like a few well-intentioned coaches herding cats.

Grady started the Cheetahs off with some practice drills and a quick devotional. I think every parent on the sidelines clicked a hundred pictures of their munchkin running around in brand-spanking-new cleats and uniforms.

Even Micah got in on the fun. He ran the field and kicked goals like he was one of the big kids. He left the house distraught this morning that he didn't "have leg guards to wear to the soccer game" but ended up being a-ok at the fields once he had the chance to run around with everyone. And, to be honest, he would probably play with a lot more excitement and aggression than his big brother. (Between you and me, Coach Grady is trying to come up with an extra uniform to sneak Micah onto the team.)

Because this was the first game of the season, there were bounce houses, slides, popcorn and ice cream. The weather was cool and cloudy so it was a great way to spend several hours this morning - and everyone came home tired and ready for naps.


  1. lol, TOO cute! The cat herding reference is spot on, but who doesn't agree that 4 year olds playing soccer is absolutely adorable! Have a great season!

  2. Cute!! I remember when Jacob was in 4yo soccer... now he is a big 2nd grader. It goes by too quickly! Have a fun season!!! Blessings!