Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dance and Science

After taking a break over the summer, our local library has started up the Preschool Pals program again. Grady Lee was super excited, to say the least. Stories, songs, dancing, sometimes puppets, and sometimes crafts. But, always free and (usually) always a good time.

Our science experiment this week was called "Sink or Float?" Naturally, anything that requires my boys to dunk or drop things is a huge hit. This was no exception.

We filled a jar with corn syrup, water, and vegetable oil, and then added a little food coloring to make each layer distinct.

I suggested several things they could drop in - grapes, paper clips, pennies, stones; and they got creative on their own and came up with several things as well - matchbox cars, legos, acorns, and macaroni noodles.

They thought it was pretty neat that some things sunk to the bottom, others rested in the middle, and others floated on top. After several drops, we turned it into a guessing game to see who could make the right guess on where an object was going to land. I never imagined a science experiment could turn so competitive when only a two and four year old were involved.

And, absolutely, completely, and totally unrelated, I thought it important for you to know that Baby Girl arrives in 17 days (or less). My bag is packed. The nursery is ready. Everything pink and soft and floral has been washed, folded, and hung. The bassinet is ready in the corner of our bedroom. So now we just wait. For 17 long days, we just wait.

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  1. What a super cool science experiment! I love the photos of the boys during the lab experiments; their expressions are SO cute!
    17 days & counting, we are SO excited for you!!!