Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swimming + Buzz Cut = Summertime!

I wish I had pics to show you our amazingly fun morning. But I don't. The boys and I enjoyed a super huge and super fun pool with some super great friends. And since the pool and all it's activities are so large, I couldn't run around with my camera.

This is not your ordinary neighborhood pool, let me be clear. This pool has a gradual entry for little ones, water fountains that spray out of the ground, mushrooms that shower water, a lazy river, a three-story water slide, and an enormous pool to actually swim in. When we fist pulled up, Grady Lee shouted, "This is the biggest pool I've ever seen Mom!"

We enjoyed swimming and having a picnic lunch, and after being in the water and sun for almost three hours, it was time to head home for naps. Micah, however, was sound asleep before we were even out of the neighborhood.

After dinner it was time to give the annual summer buzz cut to Grady Lee. He has thick hair that grows really fast, so a buzz is the best way to go in the hot summer months. I'm pretty sure this is buzz number one of about two or three more to come before September. He was excited that "Dad is going to cut my hair and give me the soft fuzzies on my head again!"

Micah watched the action, not really sure what to think.

I just laughed at his skinny body in only his undies while trickles of hair fell all around him. How come kids are sometimes the cutest when they're practically naked?


  1. your pool sounded like the perfect description of the waterpark that we know in lake geneva. :-)
    now, will micah get a buzz too? or not until next summer? love it, "short fuzzies"
    i like how Micah's watching so attentively. :-)

  2. I agree with WenYi, that picture of Micah watching Grady Lee get his hair cut is TOO cute! Love those boys!