Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Here, There, and Everywhere

One of Grady's little buddies is moving with his family to Texas. He doesn't understand that this is far away and is convinced we're going to get in the car and visit his new house soon. "I wanna come see your new Thomas bedroom, Tristan!" Sorry kid - we're not driving to Texas for you to see a bedroom. Actually, we're not driving to Texas for a myriad of other reasons too.

Our friends spent Saturday loading their moving van so I watched their kids. A four, three, two, and one year old for six hours is pretty tiring! I love kids, but I'm no Duggar Mom, that's for sure.

Rather than watch my house turn upside down, we spent as much time as possible outside. The ran hard and played hard until lunch time and then it was time for naps.

Mission Accomplished: After putting kids down, everyone was conked out in less than 20 minutes.

When naps we over, we said our goodbyes and Grady, once again, told Tristan he couldn't wait to see his new bedroom. Our family quickly shifted gears, changed into swimsuits and loaded the car to spend the late afternoon swimming with friends.

The boys thought it was neat to have Dad with them - apparently he's much more jubilant when the boys jump off the side of the pool. What can I say, I've seen them do it a million-and-one times so it's hard to get excited anymore.

After swimming, it was time for dinner... and it was everything my pregnant self could do to contain my excitement over the meal: Q'Doba, strawberries, and ice cream sundaes. (Remember my previous post at 25 weeks?!) Shortly after the kids all went to bed and the adults enjoyed playing games and laughing without interruption.

The next morning was promotion of our new Freshmen to our College Group. We had a full house with over 60 students crammed into our room, and it was great to see several of them return for sand volleyball later in the evening.

A quick thunderstorm left some mud puddles that my boys thought were the greatest. I asked Micah if he thought he should take a bath when we got home and his response was, "I'm not muddy everywhere, Mom. Just on my feet and legs and hands." Silly me, I thought that merited a bath.

Monday was, well, pretty rough. One would think that at 26 weeks I'd be feeling great in terms of being pregnant. Not so much. I spent most of the day running from the couch to the bathroom and being sick. It wasn't until late afternoon that I actually kept food down and found energy to be productive. My poor kids - what a lousy Mom I was.


  1. No amount of vomiting would make a lousy mom in you. I think you are amazing...all while still looking absolutely beautiful!

  2. Sorry you were so sick, Sarah! :-( Hope you're feeling better and your energy is back!!!

  3. You, my friend, are ONE busy mama! I too am sorry you weren't feeling so hot again! Praying these next few months FLY by!!!!!!!!!

  4. I agree with Kim, you deserve a SuperMom cape & crown...I don't think "lousy" and "Sarah's mothering" should ever even be considered in the same thought.EVER!

  5. Sarah, you are an amazing Mom and friend! God Bless you-