Thursday, July 1, 2010


I've made progress this week - a little, not a lot, but still progress.

Micah is crazy-excited about wearing Lightning McQueen underwear. He does great with potty training at home, but throws everything to the wind when he's at church, another home, or playing outside. Like I said - just a little bit of progress.

The nursery for my Baby Girl has four pink walls now. Remember I was after a "Barley There Pink"? Lucky me found a color called exactly that.

The pics are almost misleading and appear as though the walls are cream. But, I assure you, they are pink! It's the perfect shade of pink too - not hot pink, not bubble gum pink, and not Pepto-Bismal pink. Just a soft Barely There Pink.

Still working on decorating the walls and finding a glider. But like I said, just a little bit of progress.

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  1. looks beautiful! what happened to the old glider? i can't remember what it looked like, maybe it didn't match??? wish we could come back and see it!