Friday, June 25, 2010

Fast Forward

It's been one of those whirlwind weeks. Whoever said summer was full of lazy days, obviously didn't have kids. Or a church family. Or a to-do list. Or a desire to just have fun!

We've hopped from swimming pools to sprinklers; from movie theaters to restaurants; from play dates to grocery shopping; from doctor well-visits to ice on a black eye and cheek; from Bible study to painting a nursery; from softball games to crafts and board games at home.

Monday dawned and suddenly Friday is setting! Somehow in the busyness of everything, I didn't take many pics. But, I suppose if you've seen my kid swim in one picture, you've seen him swim in a dozen others. (Sorry Grandma.)

Here's a glimpse of Micah's bruised cheek and purple eye. He wasn't interested in looking at the camera so this is the best shot you get. Don't ask how this happened. All I can say, is remember this is Micah we're talking about: the child can hurt himself on anything, at anytime, anywhere.

Grady Lee had his four-year well-visit and measured in the 95% for height and 70% for weight. He's his father's son for sure. He thought the eye and ear exams were pretty cool and got a kick out of the pictures and noises. The vaccine shots, however, not so much. His lungs produced yells I thought only grown men could make.

So, tonight is Friday, which should mean it's time to kick back for a relaxing weekend. (Insert sarcastic laugh.) Tomorrow begins early with four toddlers under the age of four and ends with swimming and dinner with friends. Sunday is always full - one of the best days of the week - but always full. Can someone please kick back and put their feet up on my behalf? My swollen ankles sure need it.


  1. LOL, I love this post & can certainly relate! Summer is wonderful, but brings a whole new world of activities...surely fun, but still busy! Poor Micah with his eye! Love that last photo of Grady Lee, adorable!

  2. i remember 4 year old shots, they were the worst ones for all my kids!! -erica

  3. I got tired just reading that!...and Poor Micah! Hope he's injury-free this week!