Wednesday, June 23, 2010

25 Weeks

I've reached 25 weeks in this whole 40 week saga. I'm feeling much better, thanks for asking, and am usually only sick once or twice a week now. According to the doctor, I've gained 14 pounds and according to my scale I've gained 19 pounds. Good thing doctors know best, huh?

Ice cream and pizza and strawberries and Q'Doba are what I want to eat all the time. Unfortunately, my husband is nutritionally aware and doesn't usually let me get away with that kind of diet... too often.

This Baby Girl is still breech and is full of moves I've never experienced before, but I'm assuming that's just cause of the way she's positioned. No major rib jabs this time, just lots of major bladder jabs.


  1. Sarah,
    You are absolutely beautiful...and glowing!

  2. You look amazingly lovely & whoo-hoo for only 15 weeks (or less) to go!! Tell Grady that nothing is wrong with ice cream & pizza & strawberries & Q'doba! I mean strawberries are really good for you!

  3. You look WONDERFUL and I know you CAN'T WAIT to meet that precious little girl. It won't be long now!!!!

  4. Adorable! You look fantastic!