Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birthday Party #1: Monkey Madness

Grady Lee and his cousin, Alaina, turn four in June. Since family was visiting this past weekend, Nana wanted to have a birthday party for the two cousins. My SIL, Sarah, and I got cranking and came up with a Monkey Theme - gender neutral and not cartoon-based. And besides, having four kids under the age of four seemed like there were four little monkeys running and climbing every time I turned around.

When it was time to make cupcakes, I had a great little helper.
Alaina: "Can I lick the spoon now?"
Me: "Not yet Sweetheart. But soon!"
(20 seconds pass)
Alaina: "Now is it time?"
Me: "Nope, not yet."
(10 seconds pass)
Alaina: "Nnooowww is it time?"
Me: (Because I can't say no to her sweet blue eyed face again) "Sure! Have a lick."

We celebrated the birthdays on Saturday. The kids woke up and were greeted to some Monkey Bread for breakfast. Trying to make the most of this all day affair, Sarah stuck paper Monkeys in the bread, we lit candles, and sang Happy Birthday.

No sooner was everyone dressed, and the kids were asking if it was time for presents. Presents? Who said anything about presents?! By four years old, they sure did know that presents must be coming.

Nana was thinking ahead and wanted to be sure the younger kids didn't feel left out of the gift-opening. She bought and wrapped some stuffed jungle animals to go with our Monkey Theme. Micah has inisted on sleeping with his ever since.

It's really hard to remember what in the world we all did at family gatherings four years ago when these four little people didn't exist! Yikes... a lot happens in a short amount of time!

After presents we headed outside to take turns knocking open a pinata. I'm sure the neighbors were thrilled to hear four squealing toddlers and the sound of bats hitting a pinata again and again and again. After all, does anyone sleep in past 9:00 on Saturday anyway?

The kids scrambled to stuff their treat bags with candy.

Actually, these two were much more interested in eating the treats than they were in collecting the treats.

Later in the day it was time for cake! I think we heard the "is it time for cake yet?" question a million times that afternoon.

Finally, by 8:00, four kids were bathed and in bed. Whew! All-day birthday parties are a tiring affair. Thank goodness we don't have another birthday party to celebrate until... until this Saturday. Grady Lee is having a few friends over on Saturday for his birthday. Get ready for Birthday Round #2...

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  1. Precious, precious birthday celebration! Looks like SUCH a special day! Happy Birthday to Grady Lee! I still remember meeting him for the first time right after you moved here & he was just a couple of months old!