Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Full House

My bro-in-law, sis-in-law, two nieces, and mom-in-law came for a Memorial Day weekend visit. The house was full and the noise-level was high, but the memories were worth it. Here's a glimpse of the fun we shared during the four and a half days they were here:

Uncle Matt was meandering around the yard and casually mentioned that he saw a toad hopping around by the hose. Um, Uncle Matt was not aware that that toad isn't just any toad - it's Tony the Toad. Tony has been caught so many times and prayed for by my three year old and he is practically family. Grady Lee raced over and caught him. He passed Tony off to Alaina and she proudly held her first-ever toad.

We enjoyed a morning walking around the lake looking for nature treasures: feathers, bugs, stones, and "pricker balls." (Come on, I know you've seen a pricker ball before.)

After a long walk, the kids ventured inside the nature center and squealed over swimming turtles and slithering snakes. They even sat still for a while and colored some pictures so us old people could put our feet up for a few minutes. Or maybe it was just the waddling pregnant lady that needed to put her feet up...

Once pictures were colored (or was it was once there was a melt-down over who got what color crayons?), we headed back outside for a snack and to search for some ducks who might want a snack as well.

It was pretty warm and the kids enjoyed splashing in the water and looking for clam shells.

Overall, the weather was great and we spent a lot of time outside. Because really, no mater how big your house is, everyone seems to congregate in the same room and space gets tight. And, can someone please tell me why kids want to be underfoot wherever you are? How come they can have a million toys and not want to play with them unless you are right there playing alongside?

And, when the weather wasn't the greatest, we still had fun. Eighty five degree temps are perfect for puddle hopping and worm catching in the rain.

My mom-in-law, better known as Nana, treated all of us to burgers and ice-cream out. I wasn't cooking, the kids got a treat, and Nana got to watch her kids scramble to manage their own kids. It was a win-win for everyone.

After dinner it was time for sparklers and a few firecrackers. Olivia wanted nothing to do with them; Micah was a little uncertain; Alaina was cautious but had fun; and Grady Lee is a pyromaniac in the making.

Lest you think it was only the kids that had fun together, check this out:

The weekend drew to a close and Monday morning everyone packed up for their long drive up the East Coast. Not sure when the next visit with everyone will be, so times together are always special.

(Whew! And you thought this was a long post. I'm telling you, with the 500+ pics and videos taken this weekend, this is just a glimpse of the past few days. Hey you - yes you! Stop laughing. I didn't say I took all 500 of the pics. Just some of them.)


  1. I for one LOVE seeing every picture! You know I have been known to put 50 pictures in a blog post a time or two myself!
    The cousin photos are the BEST! Love them in the rain! And love those sunglasses that Grady Lee is wearing in the early photos!! So glad you got to enjoy a fantastic long weekend with family!

  2. Love it, Grady Lee! Keep up the fearlessness buddy! How fun for the kids to hang out w/cousins...thats who our kids miss the most! Wish they were in driving distance! Glad you guys had a good weekend!!!

  3. Wow you packed in a TON of fun into a weekend! Happy Birthday to Grady Lee:-)