Saturday, May 15, 2010

So Long Papa John's

Who needs Papa John's when you have Papa Peeler's? The three Peeler men had quite the time making personal pizzas tonight.

We had to put the brakes on the boys - after three pieces each, they were still asking for more. And, less than two hours later they chowed down on popcorn while watching a movie. Silly me - I thought I had two toddlers. I guess I actually have two teenagers.

If the above pics weren't enough, here's a video that'll give you the play-by-play of all the action.

In other news, my boys are available for hire. Grady Lee woke up asking "if today was a good day to do some work, Mom?" Not sure what work he wanted to do, but I of course said yes. He decided he wanted to wash the van.

My two toddlers did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. Aaannnddd, Grady Lee did great at usig the Dust Buster to suck up all the cracker crumbs in the van.

Friends, this is big news: the opportunity for daily chores has arrived! I'm gonna work dem boys till they earn their keep...


  1. Does Papa Peeler deliever? business venture? Eh? Or how about traveling car detailing services? Don't even have to pay the workers!!!

  2. Friday night is always pizza night in our house. We love making homemade pizza--so fun. Hey...isn't this the week you guys find out what sweet baby #3 will be? Can't wait to hear your wonderful news! Have a wonderful week.