Thursday, May 13, 2010

And suddenly it was today

So, today is Thursday already. Wow.Sers.

Monday the boys and I walked around the lake for a while. They collected oodles of clam shells and attempted to feed them to the ducks. Lots of ducks gathered around waiting for a treat, but the shells just didn't seem to cut it.

After naps that day, Grady Lee asked if we could paint the shells.

I'm, not exactly sure what we'll do with the shells now that they are rainbow colors, but hey, they had fun. I may pull one of my Mom's old tricks and "accidentally" throw them away one day when they're not looking.

This mama is not one to save. In fact, just yesterday I filled another garbage bag of stuff for Goodwill... even though I just made a Goodwill run less than two weeks ago. I cringe when I see preview's for the Discovery Health show about hoarder's. But I've digressed. Back to the boys.

Tuesday was the weekly "Discover a New Playground" day. We met some friends at a park in Rock Hill and the kids enjoyed running like crazies and getting horribly sweaty within ten minutes of being there.

Wednesday was the last night of Gopher Buddies. Grady Lee was devastated when I told him there wasn't any more Gopher Buddies until the Fall. "But Mom, I like my fwends and Mr. Nafan. Can they all come to my house and play during the Summer?" My answer: nope... at least not all at the same time. And, I'm about 99% sure that Mr. Nathan isn't interested in coming over to play, but that's just my hunch.

(Neither kid knows it yet... but that cute blondie is going to be my daughter-in-law someday.)

Wednesday evening was a celebration - Marble Slab Creamery was catered in and the kids went nuts. Their choice of toppings on a mountain of ice-cream provided lots of sugar energy while they sang songs and watched a magic show.

I looked over at Grady Lee at one point during the evening, and discovered him taking his shirt off.

Bless his heart. And, bless the dear, dear hearts of every teacher that has to handle that child.

And now, Thursday. Today I had five kids under the age of five - without any major meltdowns or catastrophe's.

Thank goodness for the sandbox and macaroni and cheese.


  1. Always knew you were super mom...looks like five kids is in the horizon? :-)