Monday, May 17, 2010

2 Doctors & 2 Cuties

Some wonderful friends from our long-gone-and-dearly-missed Chicago days stopped by for the night. They were sort of in the area for a wedding in VA and took the time to drive down and visit us. It was great catching up - and funny to realize that life will never be the same now that there are four kids running around while we try to talk. Gone our the days when we'd linger over dinner out or enjoy coffee and talking on the couch after Bible study.

But, it was great to see that, despite the years that have passed in between our last visit, things are still the same: they love Jesus, they love each other, and they love their family. It's a beautiful thing to have friends that keep the important things the important things.

Being that they are both doctors, Grady and I pulled the ultimate no-no and hit them up with every medical-related question we could. Gotta get all the free advice and help we can, you know.

I was delighted to have two bundles of pink and flowers and pigtails in my home. My goodness - the differences in temerpament and how girls play. There really is no comparison to my loud and rough boys.

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  1. Looks like you had such a fun visit with the Powells! I was LOL at your comment about the baby sleeping "because it's hard work listening to you boys!" What a sweet time with friends!