Sunday, May 9, 2010


This weekend I started feeling lots of kicks and rolls from #3. Finally. This weekend we stayed home. Finally. This weekend we didn't have out of town company staying with us. Finally.

Don't get me wrong - we love having guests. We really, really do. But, after the last few weekends being busy with guests, it was nice to have the house to ourselves to relax, get some things done, and not have to wash extra towels and sheets. And, believe it or not, my boys slept until 8:30 on Saturday so Grady and I actually got to semi-sleep in.

The sandbox has been the favorite thing of all time since it was put in last weekend. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you my boys played in that sandbox for three hours on Friday and two hours on Saturday. (Um, why didn't we put a sandbox in about two years ago?!)

Grady Lee caught a toad, all by himself, and promptly named him Tony. He put him a bucket, loaded it up with sand and grass and ants, and was so excited to show his friends when they came over on Friday evening. You can't imagine the distraught tears when Tony escaped before Grady Lee could introduce him to his friends. Here's the good news though: Grady discovered Tony on Saturday morning while mowing the lawn. Sure enough, when Grady Lee went out back he discovered Tony hopping around near the fence. Whew!

Carowinds is always family fun time. The boys ride the simple rides while Grady and I sit and watch. Grady Lee, being very cautious and shy, was finally convinced the swings looked like fun and wanted to try them this time. Less than two times around, and both he and Micah were crying and the ride operator had to stop to let them off. For being rough and tough boys, the simple circle of the swings had them crying silly.

And really, what's a fun weekend without getting every toy you own and putting it under the dining room table to make a fort? You know you wanted to do the same thing too.

Mother's Day was simple. The good part? A two-hour nap. The best part? Grady cooked dinner - er, breakfast for dinner. I love me some bacon and pancakes for dinner! We took a long walk by the lake this evening and fed ducks, gathered a hundred and one stones to put in our pockets, investigated a fish skeleton, and watched some fisherman haul in four big fish.

What about you - how was your weekend?


  1. Happy Mother's Day Sarah! So glad you had a lovely day! Glad that Tony has been found, safe & sound (I'm sure he's glad, too!)

  2. I definitely think your sandbox truly surpasses our little four-dollar "trough" as we lovingly call it!!! Can your dad come over here next time??? Fun times!!!

  3. I always wanted a sandbox when I was little. Instead I mad mud pies. :)

    I am always so jealous of how warm it is there!