Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Verdict Is In

Today was the day. The big 20-week ultrasound to see if everything is developing and progressing well with Baby #3. And, of course, to find out gender.

Praise God, everything looks wonderful! Baby #3 received a good report on all major organs and bones. All measurements pointed to the same due date: September 28.

The ultrasound tech was 100% confident that Baby #3 is a girl. That's right, the Peeler's are about to embark on raising a girl. I'm giddy-excited while also giddy-nervous wondering how in the world pink and flowers are going to co-exist with the abundance of blue and trucks.

Beautiful Baby Girl is already named. Beautiful Baby Girl is already loved. And Beautiful Baby Girl is already a welcomed addition to our family.

(For those that care, namely family, Grady had trouble uploading a video clip of the ultrasound. Hopefully we can get that to you soon...)


  1. Whooooo-hooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Really, I'm not sure that is enough exclamation points, so here are some more!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am seriously jumping up & down, waving my arms in the air EXCITED for you!!! So, SO thrilled you are finally going to get some pink!!!
    Literally tickled pink over here for you! And so glad that she is healthy & developing right on target!
    Praise the Lord!
    Oh, and if she wants to come 4 days early, September 24th is a great day to be born!!

  2. YEAH!!!!! So excited for you and Grady!! And from personal experience she will fit in perfectly. She will love dirt, bugs and trucks while she daintly wears her bows and sundresses!! Congratulations!!

  3. Oh my word, Sarah...the Vail family is ecstatic. Not that a 3rd Peeler boy wouldn't be fantastic...but a girl! And if she looks like you...oh my...she can't help but be beautiful! Heather and I were just discussing you last night wondering what would the next Peeler be? I will have to text Pastor Jim so he can pass on the exciting news to Heather in Asia (she left this morning). She will be so excited!

  4. So glad to hear baby girl looks healthy and is growing well! Precious 3D pic - I really think she looks like a Peeler already! Alaina and Olivia will be thrilled to have their first girl cousin and I'm super excited for the arrival of my first niece! Can't wait to find out the name now! Praise the Lord you're both healthy and will be praying for a smooth second half of your pregnancy! Love you! Looking forward to seeing you next week!!!

  5. Wow! I am so excited for you guys. Can you believe you will get to shop for all those fun girlie things that I know you see while shopping for the boys and think, "Why don't they make boys stuff this cute?"

    This is very exciting!!!!

    Jessica <><

  6. Yipppeeee!!!!!!!!

    Oh Sarah, the boys will be such good Big Brothers to your Beautiful Baby Girl!!

    I'm sooo excited for you and praising God that she is developing well!

    I've gotta run and start making some bows for her!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I LOVE this: "...already named... ...already loved.... ...already a welcomed addition..." Congratulations!!! Blessings!

  8. Congratulations!!!! Yay, a little girl!!!!!! I concur with the other mom that pointed out that she'll get along just fine with two big brothers. Ashley digs in the dirt more than Alden does and catches frogs right along side him!

  9. Woop woop woop!!!! Horrrrrraaaaayyyyy!!! Am so excited for you to embark on this feminine journey! It is so much fun! :-) Ha ha! Glad sweet Baby Girl is healthy and looks good. I am excited for ALL of you and how this will change your family forever. Thank the Lord for His sovereignty and His precious plan for your lives. And I cannot wait to hold this sweet precious one!!! Already we love her!!!

  10. Yay!!!!!! Congratulations!!! I'm SO happy for you.

  11. Dawn GudbrandsonMay 20, 2010 at 10:41 AM

    Hi Sarah!!! Congratulations a little girl! How exciting, life as you know it will never be the same. Little girls are so sweet and very special.I can't imagine life without Brittany. She keeps the boys on their toes.we are all vry excited for you and can't wait to welcome the new addition to the family. Btw I love the changes you made to your page, is this in honor of the new baby girl?