Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Playgrounds and Macaroni

Monday morning the boys and I ventured out for our weekly "Discover a New Playground" date. Lo and behold, there was one less than 15 minutes from our home that we'd never bothered to stop at.

We had the playground to ourselves for most of the time. Am I the only mom who leaves the house and hits the playground at 9:00 am?

Micah trailed close behind Grady Lee and attempted everything his big brother did. It was all fun and games until Micah flew off the end of a tube slide and landed face first on the mulch. I know you know the dilemma: you are trying so hard not to laugh because, really, seeing someone fall is often very funny; but at the same time you are truly concerned that the person is okay and are doing everything you can to stifle a smile.

When Micah's face surfaced, he had a mouthful of mulch and a nice scrape down his nose and on his forehead. Seriously, I'm wondering if the day will come when I can take that child somewhere and enjoy a time when he doesn't get hurt.

Our time at the playground must have really worn them out, because they slept hard that night. When I checked on them before going to bed myself, I found Micah, once again, face planted on his bed, and Grady Lee sweaty and lost in sweet dreams.

And today, today it finally rained! I've been hoping for a rainy day so that I had a reason to stay home and get several things done. Today was finally that day.

Grady Lee knows that if it rains we either go to the library to rent a slew of new books and DVDs or else we open up the craft bin and get creative. Today's choice was a fun craft.

Micah wasn't so sure about gluing macaroni to paper. "I not eat it, Mom?" His face says it all.

The boys let their macaroni dry during naptime, and when they woke up they painted it.

"My sun is berry, berry, beautiful, huh Mom?" Grady Lee must've said a hundred times.

And now, they're in bed... I'm eating ice-cream... and gearing up for a hot bath. I'm outta here...


  1. You have the BEST days! You truly are a wonderful mom! Hope you have a very relaxing evening!

  2. Sarah, i just LOVE reading your posts, you're one amazing mom, i'm so impressed w/ all the creative ideas you keep pulling out, all the activities that you got keeping these two busy boys occupied. ;-) not just the pasta gluing...nap time to dry, then paint. i hope to try some of your great ideas some time w/ my kids. ;-) thanks!!!

  3. Hi Sarah-

    Yes you just might be the only Mom that arrives at the playground at 9:00 AM! We should meet up sometime at a playground, that looks so fun. There's got to be something fun inbetween us. Ashley is just like Micah, she is constantly getting scraps and bruises and falls ALL of the time. Love the craft too! Tell Grady Miss Michelle says the his sun is bery beautiful!

  4. Wow! Looks like so much fun growing up in the Peeler household! :-) Props to you, Sarah!

  5. Again, I love it, Sarah!! Noah always tells me that he is "bery, bery strong"!! Oh Lord, please let these adorable boys keep their adorable speech because I wuv it bery much:)
    (maybe not as teenagers....we don't want them to be teased!)