Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grandpa and Oma Peeler

Grandpa and Oma Peeler just left after a weekend visit. Since they live in Florida, our visits are few and far between. But, thankfully Oma occasionally has business that brings her to Charlotte, and Grandpa enjoys history-related tours and events in the area a couple of times a year.

This visit was especially special. (Especially special... is there a better way to say that?) Oma has just completed her final round of chemo and is doing fantastic! Although this was a tiring visit for her, I know it was a memorable one given all that she has fought these last several months.

Want to talk to a real-life hero? Want to get to know a fighter? Just find someone who is going through or who has come through chemo. They are some of the bravest and toughest souls out there.

Although we've spent the last several months praying for Oma, I know the boys didn't really understand much beyond the fact that Oma was sick. Before they arrived this weekend, I talked about how they needed to be gentle with Oma (no tackling and crashing... an impossible request for them) and that she might have a special hat to wear. Grady Lee thought it was pretty cool that Oma got to wear a hat all the time, which he would do if I let him.

I looked at my calendar this afternoon and realized that from now until the middle of June we have 14 overnight visitors stopping by. Even though I wish I had downy soft new towels and more than a futon to offer, I'm still excited that we've got a slew of friends and family choosing to visit. That's a treat.


  1. That is so wonderful about the boys' Oma doing great & being done with chemo! Praise the Lord! I pray that the cancer will not come back!
    I'm so excited for you for all of your visitors, how fun! Enjoy the next couple of months!!

  2. Whoa...take it easy girl! All those guests? Maybe it'll help take your mind off your puking? Wishful thinking?
    Glad you had a good weekend with the grandparents! I was around someone going through chemo while I was pregnant with Tyler. Totally put everything into perspective - while I was spewing my guts for a baby - my dearest friend was puking to fight a ravaging disease. Doesn't make it easier...but maybe tolerable?

  3. We can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!