Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Bonanza

Easter Sunday... joyful worship service. Beautiful sunny day. Wonderful time with friends. Happy kids playing together all day.

After our Easter Service at church, we spent the day with the Robinson family. My boys love their kids - Grady Lee follows their Micah everywhere and always tells me he can't wait to be five years old, just like him. My Micah enjoys their Leah completely doting on him - holding his hand, helping him up steps, getting him toys, you name it. For my kids, it's a match made in heaven. For their kids... well, at this point at least, they have the hard job of being patient with two very needy toddlers.

Yummy Easter dinner with ham and all the sides, and most importantly, jello Easter eggs. My boys thought that was amazingly cool.

After a short round of naps, we headed outside for an egg hunt. If only the Robinson's would have told me this was the real deal kind of egg hunt. You know, the kind where your kid needs a bushel basket in order to handle all the eggs they will find. No, I'm not kidding. The minute my boys realized that each egg had a treat inside they were over the moon.

We came inside, hot and sweaty, and immediately dug into the candy.

And, if Easter candy wasn't enough sweets, check out the Easter Bunny cupcakes the kids made! Darling, huh?

Micah didn't get into the whole decorating thing, but goodness! He sure did devour his cupcake fast.

After a fun afternoon of candy, bubbles, cupcakes, chalk, ice-cream, and air hockey, we called it a day. The boys were bathed and in bed by 7:00 pm. And, Grady and I were in bed a short while after them, too!


  1. Love all the pics of such sweet kids! So glad you all enjoyed your Easter!

  2. Looks like you had a great Easter! How fun of Juli to do all that...sounds like her! :-) Missed you guys today! Hope you get to feeling better SOON!!!