Tuesday, April 6, 2010

'Lil Workers

Grady Lee woke up this morning ready to work. At breakfast he looked at me and said, "It's a nice day today, Mom. I think we should go work hard outside!" I couldn't have been happier. Today's chore was spreading mulch and planting a few flowers.

Shortly after breakfast we headed to Home Depot for supplies. Since I was getting several bags of mulch, I used the flatbed cart rather than the traditional cart. Oh.My.Goodness. My boys thought riding on top of several bags of mulch on the flatbed cart was the coolest thing they have ever done. In fact, Micah sobbed when I told him to climb down and get in the car.

The boys were eager to help, and bless their willing hearts, I think they only added an extra half hour to the chore. Grady Lee kept telling me he was "big and strong and can lift heavy things so that I don't hurt the baby." Wow - a gentleman in the making!

Once we were done - hot and dirty - it was time to clean off by running in the sprinkler.

The boys thought the best part was pretending it was a car wash and running their lawn mowers through the sprinkler.

After lunch outside, I introduced a new "bubble game." Nothing fancy, but they had a riot. (Remember, when you're two or three it doesn't take much!) We blew bubble snakes and created foam all over the ground. Micah thought it was snow and tried to make a ball. So cute.

And now my 'lil workers are napping soundly - tuckered out from working hard and playing hard.


  1. So cute! What a great day and it sounds like you got a lot done!

  2. This is one of the cutest.posts.ever! Way to go sprucing up your yard today & I got teary when I read Grady Lee's comment about lifting things for you so that you don't hurt the baby, aw! You have the cutest little helpers I've ever seen!
    Now how do you blow bubble snakes?

  3. so cute & so sweet!!! you guys made it into such an exciting, fun & playful experience. :-) Sarah, you're doing an amazing job w/ your two little gentlemen. ;-)