Saturday, April 3, 2010

Non-Stop Fun

Friday was fun in the sun - er - I mean, the sand. My boys played and dug and drove cars for two hours. Friends, that is a very long 120 minutes for a mom to watch and play in one spot. Next time I'm bringing a magazine, but I bet that if I do, that's the time they'll choose to throw sand and argue with each other.

After we were thoroughly covered in sand, we enjoyed a picnic lunch. I'm not sure why, but even PB&J tastes better when you're outside and not at home. Wonder why.

After lunch we trudged to the van to head home. But not without incident. Guess who tripped and fell? You know, the kid who always has a cut/bruise/scrape/band-aid somewhere on his being!

Friday evening was a wonderful Good Friday service at church. It was a beautiful time of worship.

Saturday morning we made Resurrection Rolls for breakfast. This is going to be an annual Easter tradition - not just because they are so yummy, but because my boys really got into learning about and then telling me the Easter story. Interested? Here's what you do:

Ingredients: one package crescent rolls, large marshmallows, melted butter, cinnamon sugar. Preheat oven to 350 F.

1. Give each child a crescent roll triangle to represent the cloth Jesus was wrapped in.
2. Give each child one marshmallow to represent Jesus (our sweet Savior).
3. Have each child dip the marshmallow in melted butter (represents the embalming oils).

4. Have each child roll the marshmallow in cinnamon sugar (represents the spices used to anoint the body).

5. Wrap the coated marshmallow tightly in the crescent roll and seal the edges (represents wrapping Jesus' body after death).

6. Place in the oven for 10-12 minutes (oven represents the tomb). Allow to cool.

7. Cut each roll open - the child will find the roll is puffed up but empty! He is risen!

The boys took early naps and in the late afternoon we were off for an evening with friends.

Grady Lee thought the car ride took an eternity because he was so excite to see his buddy, Corelie ("Corawee"). The kids had a mini-egg hunt... and consumed all the candy prior to dinner.
I soaked up as much time as I could with this cute little man. Seriously, September 28 cannot get here fast enough... I need another tiny one!

After the kids ate dinner, in costume for a better dining experience, the adults finally sat down to eat while the kiddos watched a movie.

And, for most of the car ride home, Grady Lee and Micah asked again and again and again "when Corelie and Israel can come to our house and sleep in our sleeping bags?" Um, seriously, do three year olds have slumber parties?!


  1. Sounds like a fun Easter weekend! I'm totally trying the Resurrection Rolls next year! Great idea!

  2. Yuuuummm! I'm sooo glad you liked the resurrection rolls. I think after rolling 4 each they were getting it! - Garrett, "Dip Jesus in the butter (uh - I mean oil)". I had a few that weren't sealed tightly enough and we had ooozing marshmallow/cinnamon goo coming out, but the message worked! (Except when Olivia asked where Jesus went - we told her "heaven" and her response was: "oh, yes heaven where Santa & Oliver live?" - :)

  3. everything tastes better when eaten outside