Thursday, April 15, 2010

Belated Happy Birthday to the Bestest Husband and Dad Ever

It's really hard to have a birthday celebration for your husband when he is working all day, races to church in the evening for Bible study, and the family isn't home and together until 9:00 pm when it's wwaaayyyy past bed time for two toddlers.

So, even though Grady's birthday was on Wednesday, we didn't celebrate it until tonight. It's true: the older you get, the less climactic birthday's are. They're sort of just-another-regular-ole-day-of-the-week. So sad.

His dinner request was chicken parmigian and apple pie for dessert. I can handle that... and thank goodness he didn't request grilled fish because this nauseas pregnant mama isn't handling fish too well these days.

When I pulled the Dutch apple pie out of the oven, Grady Lee looked confused. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "Daddy's treat isn't pretty, Mom." No wonder: every birthday treat he's ever had has been loaded with frosting and sprinkles. He got a big grin when I pulled out the jar of sprinkles and let him shake them on top of the pie. (Bet you've never had apple pie with sprinkles before, huh?)

Now that Grady has had a birthday, we are the same age, though I'm still three weeks older than him. I like to tell him that technically I'm his elder and therefore he's supposed to submit to me... but he just doesn't seem to see it that way. (*grin*)

I'm pretty sure I'm the luckiest girl in the whole entire world. Me - married to my best friend. Me - proud partner with the best discerning leader out there. Me - happy Mom with the best Dad to our boys. God has filled my heart to overflowing with love for this man.

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy late Birthday!!! What a sweet time you guys had! I don't even make apple pie when I'm NOT pregnant!!! Good for you, Sarah!!

  2. What a sweet birthday celebration! Love the apple pie with sprinkles! Happy Birthday Grady!