Monday, April 12, 2010

A few wins. A lot of failures. Some are even epic.

I actually took time to curl my hair on Sunday: Win.

Micah burst into the bathroom and crashed into me with his dumptruck causing the curling iron to hit my neck: Epic Fail.

Grady won a new Blue Ray DVD player this week: Win.

Our TV is forever old and doesn't have Blue Ray capability: Fail.

Grady Lee hit his knee on the deck steps: Fail.

Not even ten minues later, Micah fell off his tricycle and scraped his knee and elbow: Fail.

Fridge water filter expired and we don't have another one on hand: Fail.

Light over the kitchen sink blew and I don't have the right wattage bulb: Fail.

Car blew a tire on the way to a meeting - on the side of the highway with an inch of pollen and the hot sun: Epic Fail.

Flowers and buds are opening in our yard: Win.

Our new tree from last Spring has only one branch with buds... we think it's dying: Fail.

I had to speed home from the grocery store because I felt, ahem, sickness lurching in my throat: Fail.

Barely making it home, sprinting into the bathroom to be sick, and listening to Grady Lee wail by my side that he had to go pee-pee now: Epic Fail.

Having a husband home during this crisis to help: Epic Win.


  1. Ouch on that burn & the scraped knees! Sorry this has been a rough day...His mercies are new every morning & I'm so glad for that!

  2. Poor girl! Probably better that we don't take a tally every day of fails and wins! Would be rather discouraging! At least you have your wonderful husband to bring it full-circle! Sorry about your tummy...your boys are so very welcome over here any day!!!

  3. We are all scrapped up around here too! From bike riding to running around outside and Sunday we picked both kids up with reports of bad spills on the Church playground and the scraps to prove it!

  4. Ugh! So sorry you've had a rough start to your week! Sending extra hugs and prayers your way!

  5. Oh Sarah! I'm so sorry you have had a rough time. We too have had lots of scraped knees lately! Already gone through a box of bandaids in less than a month!!!