Friday, April 16, 2010

Complete Blur

Seriously?! Really?! Today is Friday already?! Oh my.

This week has been a complete and total blur. My apologies for the slack in blog posts. And, since I'm so behind, well, behind on life in general, no Simple Thing post this week. I know you'll never miss it so it's no big deal, right?

Here's a quick glimpse of some of what we've been up to this week:

I'm telling you, you have never seen a more excited three year old than this kid when he caught a frog. His giddy glee and the all-consuming smile on his face was priceless. He named his frog Freddie and was devastated when I said he had to let Freddie go when it was time to come in for a bath.

Me: "Honey, Freddie needs to go home and go night-night with his Mom and Dad."

Grady Lee: "No, Mom. Freddie told me he wants to sleep in my bed!" (Loud tears followed.)

I'm pretty flexible in a lot of areas. But frogs sleeping in my toddler's bed? Not so much.

My boys are always asking to go to the lake and throw stones and feed the ducks. Now that they're in sandals all the time, they think it's especially fun to wade into the water looking for "pwetty stones."

So, while my boys are splashing away and getting muddy while hunting for stones, a sweet lady with three girly-girls sat on a bench watching me. I could tell she was beyond baffled that I was letting - no, encouraging - my boys to get wet and find stones. Her three all-fully-clad-in-pink girls just watched without saying a word. I smiled politely, but thought to myself, "How boring!"

Local pools still aren't open so we've been using the sprinkler a lot. It's a good situation for me: the lawn gets watered and my boys think it's the funnest (yes, this Professional Writer just wrote funnest) thing ever to fill up their buckets and water my flowers.

Last summer I made it a point to visit a new park/playground with the boys once a week. We're on the same mission this year... until I run out of options. This week we spent a few hours at a local park looking for turtles in the pond, playing in the sand box, and eating lunch outside.

Grady Lee was convinced that this enormous red tire was from the red semi-truck we passed on the way to the park. Try as I may to convince his it wasn't, I finally gave up and told him how cool it was that the same truck tire was at the park! He was elated.

Throw in some major decisions we're wrestling with, the occasionaly pregnancy vomiting, maintaing a home, and several church-related activities and you've got a pretty full week.

What about you - what have you been up to this week?

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  1. Wow, that is a full week! I have been a total blog slacker this week, as well! We love that park! Maybe over the summer we can join you sometime on one of your park dates & we definitely want to have you guys over here!! I had to laugh at the lady with the girly-girls...because my 2 sure would have certainly been in the water, not on the sidelines!