Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Daffodils in bloom and trees budding. Sunny skies and 68 degrees. The park was beckoning us to come and we obliged. The boys ran and kicked and hit and climbed for two hours. I chased some balls, but mostly just sat in the sun and relaxed.

My boys are at the stage where they want you to watch everything they do. "Hey Mom, watch this!" - as if the trick they are about to do is the first time I've seen it or as if it's a major death-defying feat. Usually it's nothing more than a spin before hitting the t-ball or a backward jump before kicking the soccer ball. Regardless, I ooh and ahh as though it was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

A park ranger drove by to collect garbage while we were on the field playing. As he emptied the trash can, some trash accidentally fell on the ground. Grady Lee, usually my ultra-shy kid, runs to him and says, "You put trash on God's ground! You have sin in your heart!" The park ranger just looked at him for a few seconds before I calmly interjected and told Grady Lee that the park ranger was doing a very important job and helping to take care of God's earth by putting all the trash in his truck. Grady Lee had a quick change in heart: "You don't have sin anymore! You're doing a good job. Thanks for taking the stinky trash from here!" Bless his heart.

When they tired from playing with bats and balls they discovered an enormous rock and decided to climb it over and over. And over and over. A few more rounds of "Hey Mom, watch this!" happened as they took dare-devil jumps off the big rock.

And now they are napping and I'm enjoying a couple of cracked windows and a huge glass of ice-water. Nice.

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