Thursday, March 11, 2010


When I was pregnant with Grady Lee, a friend made this picture for me. All I needed to do was stamp his tiny handprints and place them on the picture.

As sweet and touching as it was then, it's so much more so today. Now that I have toddlers. Toddler boys that is.

Can't read what it says? Here you go:

My fingerprints are everywhere right now cause I am small,
You sometimes get discouraged when you see them on the wall.
God knows what you are going through, He promises to guide.
He'll lift you up and strengthen you and stay close by your side.
He's using you to guide me and to teach me what is right,
So that these little hands of mine will work within God's light.
Soon you will not find fingerprints on windows or on walls,
Instead my hands will serve the Lord and answer when he calls.
So here I leave my fingerprints and someday you may say,
"How well God used those little hands to follow in His way."

My house definitely shows the wear and tear of toddler boys. Fingerprints are everywhere - and damage is everywhere.

This lamp fell victim to a ball. Who knows what kind of ball and who knows who kicked or threw it. For that matter, it could very well be my husband since he is usually the instigator of indoor soccer matches and basketball games.

And this plate rack - well, it used to have two plates. Again, the victim to a flying ball.

And these lovely yellow marks on the dining room wall? According to my eldest, "The dump truck couldn't stop in time, Mom." Lovely. Just lovely.

But you know what? I wouldn't trade these reminders that little boys live in my home for anything. I really wouldn't. (But I would like a new lamp shade and new plate.)

I have little boys that don't sit still and that have energy that surpasses mine. They are busy; they are active. And my greatest prayer is that as they grow they will choose to know, love, and serve Jesus - and always stay busy and always stay active for Him.

I want them to have big strong hands like their Daddy. I want them to have hardworking hands like their Daddy. I want them to have hands that are gentle when someone needs help and hands that are rough when they need to protect what they love - just like their Daddy. I want them to have hands that that find their greatest joy in serving others by serving Jesus - just like their Daddy.


  1. What a sweet post, Sarah! I LOVE that poem!

  2. so sweet, Sarah, that is such an encouraging note to look at the busy active boys. :-) glad to know you're able to keep down the desserts and just feeling better. thinking of you & miss you! sending you love from Chicago.
    ~ Wen-Yi

  3. Okay this is one of the sweetest.posts.ever! Love you & your boys!

  4. From the mom of a boy myself, I cried when I read this post. You see, in just two years, I will begin to experience an empty nest. Caleb will begin college and it will be quiet. Unless, he is like a "certain 20 year old" who came back home (of which I'm thrilled). But if not, there will be no more fingerprints on my wall, no more son who asks me to rub his back at night (oh, I'm crying again), no more kids running through the door with nasty smelling sports clothes....
    I'm so thankful I've cherished and enjoyed every moment. It literally does "fly by"....