Friday, March 26, 2010

The Simple Things

One evening this week I was walking with the boys through our neighborhood and was struck by how beautiful everything is! The trees and flowers are in full bloom and I love it. (Yes, I was that sketchy person walking around with a camera taking pics of other yards.)

Interesting that a Simple Thing like a tiny flower can brighten my day. Or a Simple Thing like a sunny day to make everything just seem better.

And my boys, bless them, thought every dandelion they picked was a "beautiful tulip, Mom!" Luckily I convinced them they should throw all of dandelions into the neighbors woods rather than bring them inside for a vase. (Whew!)

What Simple Thing brightened your week?


  1. I enjoyed the simple pleasure of a wonderful family to help out when I was sick! By the way, my ankle is much better...just a big ol' scab that I have knocked off a few times, so I'm sure it is going to leave a nice scar! Thanks for asking!
    I have enjoyed the beautiful trees also, but I tell you they have really messed with my head (literally) this year!

  2. Beautiful pics Sarah...but just LOOKING at them I started sneezing!! :-) And my eyes started watering up. Guess my simple things would be allergy medicine! Ha ha!

  3. I was taking pictures of blooms, too! Love them!!! I need to take more. Blessings!