Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Big Boy

My little guy has declared himself a Big Boy now. I think it's because there is so much talk about the new baby coming that Micah has put two-and-two together and decided that he is now a big boy.

A couple of weeks ago I asked him if he was ready to say goodbye to his pacifier and not use it at night anymore. I told him if he was ready to be a big boy, he needed to throw it away in the trash can. Much to Grady and my amazement, he walked right over to the kitchen trash and tossed his pacifier in. We all waved bye-bye to it and that was the end of it. He hasn't cried or asked for it ever since!

As we gear up for another little one this summer, we're in the process of moving Micah into Grady's room. We just bought bunk beds and the boys think they are the coolest thing ever. So much so that they will, at very random times, stop what they are doing, look at each other and say, "Wanna play night-night?" And then they'll race upstairs and pretend to go to sleep on their new beds. I haven't figured out why this is fun, but apparently they like it.

When the beds arrived, both boys ran to get their tools to help Dad put them together. Grady had infinite amounts of patience for two very eager boys wanted to help hammer and screw. Boys and their tools.

When I showed Micah that he had a special quilt from Grandma, just like Grady Lee, he squealed and jumped up and down. "Gwamma wuv me too! She make me a blanket like Gwady's!"

We're only a week into the whole sharing a room thing, but so far so good. Grady Lee has learned from lessons past that when Mom and Dad say to say in bed, we mean to stay in bed. Micah is doing pretty good, but has had a few, ahem, spankings to remind him that when Mom and Dad say something we mean it. He's got a bit of a harder head than Grady Lee so this may take a while, but he's actually doing really well.

And, speaking of hard heads, check out Micah's shiner. Some kids go to church to play nicely and learn Bible stories. Not Micah. He enjoys church for the rough-housing and the running. I'm pretty sure every nursery volunteer takes a deep breath when they see the our family approaching.


  1. What adorable boys & that is about the cutest.thing.EVER the way they run upstairs to play "night-night"!! The bunk beds look great! I think it is so special for siblings to get to share a room!

  2. after almost two years of sharing a room, i now cannot imagine either of my boys being in a room by themselves. i think only in america do children actually have an entire room to themselves. love all the pics!

  3. Our boys have enjoyed sharing a room,until recently but maybe its because they are teenagers and want their own space. Every once in a while you will find them in the same room and it just warms my heart to walk in the room and see them both in their beds. I think that Micah may be taking after Adam, he too had multiple shiners growing up. I think the worst one was when he ran into the cement post outside of Walmart. The goose egg was huge and hurt for a long time. Oh yeah there is also the time that he fell off the porch and smashed his front teeth in. Thankfully we were able to find a dentist as this was a Easter weekend...and then there was the time.........

  4. Adorable the way they are "helping" put the beds together - you've got some great helpers there!

    Wanted to share that Garrett did the same thing with his paci when he was 2 - he had chewed a crack in the last one and he said, "broken - trash" and threw it away - never to ask for it again!

  5. Sharing a room can be so specail.I love hearing my boys talk after the lights go out in there room at night. Sometimes Shane and I will just stand outside their door and listen to their little conversations.
    So precious.
    Poor Micah and his little head. Boys will be boys though.