Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nana + Presents + Easter Bunny = Good Times!

All week we've been talking about Nana coming to visit for the weekend. On Friday, Grady Lee asked if we could "chalk the sidewalk pretty for Nana."

Nana arrived at our house Friday evening, just in time for dinner. I think she was here for less than 20 minutes before my boys discovered that she brought presents. They offered to help her carry her things in the house and were totally distracted from the task at hand the moment they realized there were presents.

Nana surprised Grady Lee with a Thomas the Train bubble blower and Micah with 100 plastic balls. No, that's not a typo... she really did give him 100 balls. (Between you and me, I'm trying to think of a way to hide about 60 of them in her suitcase to go back home with her...)

Even though it was getting dark and was rather cold, we trooped outside to use the new bubble blower. Once inside, Dad put on a juggling show with the new balls. Nana just stood back and took pictures. I just stood back wondering where I was going to stow all the new balls. It's kind of like a Chuck-E-Cheese in our home right now. If you wanna come play, it only costs 25 cents to romp in our ball pit, er, um, kitchen floor.

Nana handled bedtime honors... and do you notice that each boy is clutching one of the new balls? Yeah, they sure did want to sleep with one at night.

After breakfast this morning we headed to the neighborhood park for a community Easter egg hunt. Nana brought new sand buckets for the boys and they worked perfect as egg baskets too.

It was a chilly but wonderfully sunny morning and we had a great time! The boys ransacked a small section of the woods and came away with a couple dozen eggs each.

When the egg hunt was coming to a close, along came the Easter Bunny. My boys, shy as can be, were actually willing to hug the Easter Bunny - but I think that's just because he had a basket of treats he was giving to kids that hugged him. (Slick move on his part.)

The boys played an egg relay and took a turn painting eggs as well. Micah was too occupied with all his candy to really care about much of anything else, and Grady Lee would have painted eggs all day. But, with some coaxing, we convinced him it was time to leave so we could go home and sort their eggs.

Wow. Each egg had not one, not two, but three or five chocolate eggs inside. For two boys that maybe get a couple of graham crackers as the extent of their sugar intake each week, this is more sugar than they've had in their short lifetime. Grady and I are planning to bring 90% of their candy to our Sunday school class tomorrow morning to get rid of. (What our boys don't know won't hurt them, right?!)

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  1. What a sweet time you all have had! Enjoyed all the wonderful pics of your two sweet boys!