Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Big Backyard

Little boys and the great outdoors. That's really the key to true happiness, you know. Not toys. Not candy. Not cartoons. Just fresh air and places to run and yell and jump and explore. Good thing our back yard is just that place!

I lost track of how many times Grady Lee turned around and shouted to me, "I'm the leader, Mom and I'm exploring a trail for us. You follow me, kay?" Lead on, child, lead on. I'm quite content to mosey along behind you and relax.

And who knew that a rotting log would be the hang out of all hang outs? I bet we spent a good 20 minutes crawling on and jumping off of this log. I'll be honest, I'm just glad it's still early Spring and that most snakes haven't made their way out yet because this log would be the perfect home for the slithery things.

When the fun with the log wore off, it was only a matter of seconds before the boys realized they were just steps away from the creek. I plopped down on a rock and watched them throw stone after stone into the water. We had contests for who could throw the furthest and who could make the biggest splash.

(If I was thinking, I would have created a contest for who could stay the cleanest...!)

After two hours in the woods I called it quits and we headed inside for lunch. And now, even as I'm typing this I'm finding teeny sticks stuck in my pony tail and in my socks.


  1. Such a cute post Sarah!! My boys LOVE being outside too. Just being able to run around and play is so....good for them (and for me)!! Your boys look like they had a BLAST playing together. They are so stinkin' cute!!

  2. You deserve a "Wonderful Mom" medal! What a great day outdoors with your boys!