Monday, March 15, 2010

Nothin' much, nothin' much

Friday we ventured to Ikea in search of bunk beds. No luck, but we still had a fun time. The boys loved the toy and play area - and were less than impressed when I told them it was time to go and that no, we weren't buying the train set.

Saturday was a lot of rain, but the temps were warm enough to crack windows and enjoy the breeze and sound of rain. I love thunderstorms and have passed that love on to Grady Lee. When thunder cracked, he jumped up and said, "God's clapping loud Mom! He's big and strong and makes cool sounds!"

Friends came over for dessert on Saturday evening and we had a great time relaxing and talking. I think chocolate cake can make any time a relaxing time.

Sunday was a whirlwind, as usual, at church. In case you haven't heard me say it one of the umpteen million times before, I *heart* my church. What a privilege to know we have friends - family - to serve and worship with.

Sunday evening, events turned for the worse. Yet again, me and the bathroom were best of friends as I continued my pregnancy vomiting several times. And, I know it was just pregnancy sickness and not the flu because when my stomach settled, the first thing I wanted was Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream.

What about you - how was your weekend?


  1. ugh...sarah...seriously, do we have to have vomiting and ice cream in the same sentence? and here i was salivating over that choc cake! at least you didn't have someone vomitting ON you!!! :-) sorry about wed night!!

  2. I don't have any idea what "Reese's Peanut Butter anything" can't cure. Did you know this is my absolute favorite dessert in the world...actually, anything with peanut butter is my favorite!
    I had a wonderful weekend (except for missing my hubby who was away at the pastor's retreat Friday and Saturday). I spent Friday night with Heather, Lindsay, and of course, Brad :) Caleb was away for the weekend. We played games and went on a late night run to Walmart! Saturday, we watched the Duke game, of course, and once Scott was home we played more games. Have I told you that you have GOT to come over, Sarah, and play Aggravation with us. What fun we would have! It was a great weekend.

  3. so sorry to hear you were sick again :( your dessert looks SOOO yummy- wish we could spend an evening having dessert with the peeler family!

  4. Isn't being pregnant awesome? :) My girlfriend and I have been joking since the beginning of our adoption process that atleast I would get to avoid all the vomiting. Well, Friday after getting "the call" the emotions sent me over the trash can dry heaving anything left in my stomach. I guess there really isn't much difference between the two after all.

  5. oh no, not again... :( just not something i like to hear...i will definitely have to keep praying for you. sigh! now, how's that baby growing inside of you?