Thursday, March 18, 2010

The "C" Word

Since the very first sign of Spring (maybe one of those strange days in February where it actually hit 55 degrees), the boys and I have been talking about Spring.

Me: "When it's Spring, we can open the windows and we don't have to wear coats."
Grady: "Can I wear my new bathing suit?"
Micah: "I wear my new sandals!"
Me: "Well, those are things we wear in Summer. But, you do have some new short sleeve shirts that you can wear in the Spring." (This prompted a mass stampede upstairs to their closets so they could see their new shirts.)

Now that March is almost over, Spring is definitely here. Tree buds and flowers and warm days and lots of time playing outside.

Over the last week, we've been busy making some Spring crafts. For anyone that knows me, I hate (and yes, I know, that is a strong word) crafts. Scissors - can't cut a straight line. Glue - it's on every finger in a matter of seconds. Markers - don't like the way they smell. And the list goes on.

But, being the do-what-you-need-to-do-to-teach-your-kids-a-thing-or-two kind of Mom, I organized a few simple crafts. We made bunnies out of paper plates and cotton balls, which, eerily enough, resemble Santa Claus.

We made flowers out of colored balls and sticks. When I asked Micah if he was finished he replied, "No, Mom. You need to draw a worm in the dirt and a spider on the grass." Hhmmm... that sort of takes the cutesy-fun out of the craft, doesn't it?

We also made caterpillars and created cocoons for them. When the boys went to bed it was my job to open the cocoons and put wings on the caterpillars so they would have butterflies waiting for them when they woke up. They were beyond thrilled when they came down the stairs for breakfast the next morning and discovered their new butterflies.

And now, my fridge door weighs an extra 10 pounds because it's laden with all our crafts. (But, maybe for this binging pregnant mama, a heavier fridge door is a good thing?)

Between you and me, the fridge door, while oh-so-cute, is driving me nuts. I feel like my kitchen is cluttered and looks messy with so much stuff on the fridge! Maybe next nap time the crafts will need to move onto the wall in the laundry room...


  1. Sarah, you are the BEST mom for stepping out of your comfort zone into the crazy world of crafts! Your fridge looks cute, but I know what you mean...we often displayed the kids artwork on the walls in the garage or the doors to their rooms...somewhere that you still see it a lot, but you don't have to look at it ALL day long...

  2. Wow...for not being very crafty you are VERY CRAFTY!!! I don't like doing crafts - so we don't do them! You are just one amazing mama! You inspire me!!

  3. Okay, you know how much I LOVE doing crafts, these are so cute! We'll be doing ALL of them over the next few weeks, thanks for the ideas. I'm going to propose a swap here, you all come to our house for craft time and we'll all come to yours for outdoor nature exploring fun! Enjoying your blog!