Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bye-Bye to Nana. Hello to Reality.

Tomorrow morning, Nana heads home. My boys will be sad - because, goodness knows, I will not be giving them 100% of my undivided attention. And I will not be tolerant of whining. And I will not agree to carry them up the stairs. And I will not sit on the floor for a hundred hours taking Easter eggs apart and putting them back together again. But, these are the things that all good Nana's do, and for that we are thankful!

Sunday afternoon it was a bit drizzly so we decided to color Easter eggs. An adventure, for sure. The boys started out trying to use the metal dippers, but in less than seven seconds discovered it was a whole lot easier to just dunk and egg in dye and roll it around with their fingers.

We set the eggs aside to dry, and later that evening the boys put stickers all over them. I am not a-cartoon-character-kind-of-person, and thank goodness my boys are usually oblivious to most characters. But, The Dollar Store choices were limited and we wound up with Easter Mickey Mouse and Easter Cars stickers. Lovely.

This morning it was wet outside because of the rain the night before, so Nana came up with a fun idea. She put a penny inside all of the empty Easter eggs from our hunt on Saturday and then hid them all over the house. The boys had a riot running around and finding their eggs all over again. They emptied the eggs and stuffed their piggy banks full of pennies. Grady Lee was first concerned how he would get the money out of his bank for his dues for Gopher Buddies (love that he was thinking about giving to church!), and then wondered how he could get the money out to go to the store and buy a toy.

This afternoon I took a nap and woke up to a fully vacuumed and dusted house. And, the best part? Nana dusted all window blinds. (Not sure if I've done that in, oh, the entire time we've lived here.)

After dinner we all took a walk by our neighborhood creek. Half-way down the path, Grady Lee declared he had "to go pee-pee now!" Dad to the rescue.

And, because of all the rain, the creek was unusually full of water. We asked Micah to keep his toes behind the sidewalk crack when throwing stones in. Notice how he is obeying... and notice how he is totally pushing the limit.

The boys collected rocks and worms and pinecones. Nana, Grady, and I just watched and did our best to be very excited for each new treasure they found.


  1. Looks like a FUN time coloring the Easter eggs! I always think I have SO much time leading up to Easter for those activities & always run out of time at the end!
    Okay, and that is the CUTEST pic of Grady Lee's cute bum when he had to go "now" on your walk! 'm thinking that one is a keeper for the wedding slide show! ;-)

  2. Uh...nice touche shot! :-) Ha ha! Are you allowed to publish those on blogger??? Good job boys on your eggs!!!

  3. I love to read your blog, Sarah. I can totally hear you telling these stories. You have many wonderful adventures that I can relate to with the boys. You are a great mommy for sure!! Hope you are feeling well. Three is another adventure:)