Friday, March 12, 2010

The Simple Things

The doorbell rang on Tuesday afternoon and I ignored it because I was in the midst of getting dinner ready. Besides, nine times out of 10 it's just the UPS or FedEx man - and he's at our house several times each week.

When I opened the door several minutes later, there was a package of flowers on my doorstep! I tore open the box and the card inside.

"So happy you're having a baby! Praying for a speedy first trimester, and hoping the other two treat you kindly. Love, Jamie"

My mind raced. I don't know any Jamie's! I scanned my Face Book friends... was I accidentally friends with a Jamie and forgot?!

When Grady came home I asked him if he knew a Jamie that I was supposed to know. I think he sensed some panic in my voice because he started laughing at me. And then he calmly told me the flowers were from a high school friend of his who knew I was pregnant and feeling miserable. She had emailed Grady to ask if it would be okay to send me flowers.

My jaw hit the counter. Seriously?! The sweet girl doesn't know me and yet she has the care and concern to send flowers to encourage me.

So, in addition to a beautiful vase of flowers on my kitchen table, I have a heart that is convicted to be more sensitive and caring to those around me. Who am I to get so busy in my life and circumstances to overlook the hurts of others - even those who I don't know well?

What about you... what Simple Thing made your week?


  1. Definitely receiving a couple of warm meals from friends made my week...since I still haven't unpacked all of our kitchen yet! I, too, have been humbled & convicted that I need to do more simple things like that for more people!

  2. You and Grady have the sweetest know why? Because you and Grady ARE the sweetest friends!!! :-)