Thursday, January 28, 2010

What?! It's Thursday already?!

Wednesday was a full day. The boys had some friends come over for several hours to play. In short, their time together involved:


trucks and cars,

Thomas the Train,

and hide-n-go-seek.

After four busy hours of non-stop play, my boys crashed for a three hour nap. I think, for just that reason, I need to have other kids over more often!

After naps we were off to church for Gopher Buddies. Mind you, Micah is still in the nursery (Puggles, I think... a step up from nursery because he gets to scribble with crayons and hear a short story), but he is convinced he is in Gopher Buddies too. The kid wakes up from his nap every Wednesday asking if it's time to go to Gopher Buddies now. Give him another year and he'll really know what the fun is all about!

See this cute, attentive, curious, hands-to-himself little boy? Precious, I know.

The interesting thing is that less than 17 seconds after I took this picture, he turned to the innocent girl on his left, held up his hand in claw formation and said, "I'm a T-Rex and I'm going to get you!" and proceeded to claw her hair and dress. Impulsive? Yes, Self-control? No - nada - none - zilch.

Moving on to today... because believe me, after last night's T-Rex episode, I was ready to fast-forward to today. The sun was out. It was relatively warm. The neighborhood park was calling our name.

The boys enjoyed playing outside all morning... and I enjoyed that they were thoroughly exhausted once again and took lloonngg naps.

The weatherman (or, should I say weatherperson to be more PC?) is saying there is a chance of flurries mixed with rain tomorrow. For Charlotte, that means - panic! Everyone stay home and don't get in your car. For me, this means - hooray! I intentionally saved all my errands for tomorrow in hopes that everyone else will be holed up at home and I won't have to wait in long lines at the grocery store. I'll let you know how that effort goes.

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  1. Great story about the T-Rex - you know I heard my friend say yesterday, "During storytime Garrett & Grady are antsy" ut oh - not good . . . their names have been used together - are they partners in crime??

    Good luck at the grocery store - don't forget your eggs & milk !