Monday, January 25, 2010

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, two very active, toddler boys went for a walk in the woods. Before their adventure began, Mom insisted on taking a picture.

The boys overheard their Mom say something along the lines of, "You boys are nerdy-cute right now!" The boys didn't know what that meant, but it didn't matter. As soon as the camera snapped, they were off and running.

As usual, the smaller toddler boy picked up the rear. He huffed and puffed to keep up, but to no avail. His little legs just couldn't run fast enough.

When the boys came to a bridge, they stopped to throw stones into what was usually only a trickle of water but because of lots of rain was now a raging river. They were ecstatic to see so much water!

While throwing a stone in the river, the youngest toddler accidentally knocked his sunglasses off. Rather than allow his Mom to help, he insisted on putting them "on all by myyyysellfffff." Once again, the Mom muttered something about being nerdy-cute.

After throwing stones, leaves, sticks, and pinecones into the river, the boys were ready to explore new territory. And, yet again, the youngest toddler picked up the rear, while the older toddler was heard shouting, "Run, run as fast as you can. You can't get me 'cause I'm the gingerbread man!" The Mom briskly walked behind the boys smiling.

Suddenly, the youngest toddler stopped. He was both amazed and confused by a small hole in the cement that was filled with water. "Why this here?" he asked as he bent down to poke every finger in it, just to verify its depth.

The two toddlers soon came to another bridge. This time they ignored the Mom's request (plea actually) to stay out of the mud and pick up only the stones that were around them. In a matter of seconds, they were sprawled on rocks and boulders frantically looking for sticks and stones to throw in the water.

The older toddler found a "special spot, " as he called it, and wiggled his little bum into a crevice between several large rocks. From there, he dug in the ground to find small stones to throw in the water without having to get up. He was quite content to be in his "hiding rocks" for a long time.

When the happy toddlers reached the end of the trail, their Mom once again insisted on a picture. While taking the picture, their Mom shook her head and rolled her eyes. At only 10:00 in the morning and after only one half hour in the woods, her two toddlers were ready for a bath.

The happy threesome walked home talking about the fun things they saw in the woods. Despite the laundry and the baths ahead of her, the Mom was relaxed and delighted to hear her boys talking about the rocks and the trees and the river that God made.

Besides, the Mom was holding two hands of some nerdy-cute little boys that she loved very much.


  1. Now that is the sweetest story I have read all day long! Love your sweet nerdy-cute boys!

  2. Those are two very cute boys! Sounds like a wonderful afternoon!

  3. So cute...very un-nerdyish! Now is that passed on from their parents, or....