Friday, January 29, 2010

The Simple Things

I've seen rain this week. I've seen sun this week. I've been busy this week. And I haven't felt the greatest this week. So, what Simple Thing am I thankful for this week?

My reading chair and my reading nook. The one place in my house that is always calm and quiet and relaxing.

Big, overstuffed chair = comfortable! Fluffy blanket = cozy! Windows overlooking the woods and creek = peaceful!

Imagine me in the chair with a book or a couple of magazines, along with a mug of coffee, and you have a glimpse of me in paradise.

I love sitting in this chair and watching the rain fall, the trees blow, the creek bubble, the birds fly, and the squirrels play. And, I enjoy sitting in this chair reading a good book while the sun shines brightly.

This reading nook is calming. I think the green walls help. And, no toys or little boys are allowed in this area. That probably helps, too.

What Simple Thing did you enjoy this week?


  1. Hmmmm . . . I think my simple thing/favorite place this week was my treadmill. With my ipod on Casting Crowns or Third Day or watching an HGTV home decor show. This is my place where no kids are allowed and I can "escape" with my praise music!

  2. Is this in your bedroom? Since we have the same house and all...trying to picture it! :-)Our bedroom is a white barren waste-land. Too much space...too little furniture!!!