Friday, January 15, 2010

The Simple Things

Friday again. (Did your week fuh-llyyyyy by too?) It will take me less than a nanosecond to tell you what simple thing I'm thankful for this week: warm and sunny weather!

After two weeks of temps in the 30's my boys were asking "how come it's cold like Nana's house but we don't have snow?" Good question.

Yesterday the temps resumed their usual January place of upper 40's - mid 50's. It is for this reason alone that I LOVE Charlotte, NC.

And, our sunny days far outweigh the cloudy, rainy, or snowy days. This is a pic of our sky today. But it could've been our sky any day this week. Or last week. Or the week before. It is for this reason alone that I LOVE Charlotte, NC. (See the pattern?)

My boys played and played and played in the backyard today. The best part? I sat on the deck drinking coffee just watching them and laughing at how silly they are and how precious they are being bestest buddies.

Good thing Micah took care of mowing our lawn. The grass was getting very long in these cool, dormant, winter months.

A sign of Spring? Maybe. Grady Lee was pretty excited to have a "bug that tickles me, Mom!"

Acorns and hickory nuts. What the squirrels didn't get, my three year old did. (And why do I have a strong feeling that these are going to show up on my kitchen counter, the bottom of my washing machine, or on the coffee table?)

You'd be surprised at how good the kid is at hitting the balls. Dad has high-hopes for this up-and-coming athlete. (Note: mud on the knees is a sure-sign of a fun time!)

The Simple Things: sun and fresh air. What simple things did you enjoy this week?


  1. I am enjoying the simple pleasure of letting my kids just play & enjoy a Friday afternoon! Love the sounds of the kids playing together!
    I love the pic of the balls all lined up along the fence!
    PS: You need to get yourself some pretty apothecary jars or vases to fill up with your collection of acorns & rocks...I'm serious!

  2. What a great post - What a beautiful day - Simple Things - today we went to the Bread Store (aka my heaven of cheap bread), the Monroe library (which is new to us), picnic on the porch & ended at the park for 2 hours! I LOVE Charlotte too!!!