Saturday, January 16, 2010

From Messy Crafts to (ahem) Poop Piles to High Heels

Yup. You read the title right: messy crafts to poop piles to high heels. Here goes...

My boys love paint. And use stickers. And use markers. And use anything "crafty" for that matter. So, they sprawled out on the kitchen floor to paint (and I sat close by with a handful of wipes for the many "oops!" that happened).

We soon moved to the table for dinosaur stickers and I think we still have sore throats from roaring for each dino sticker we put on paper. Oh to be a fly on our wall - we were quite the scene, I'm sure.

Naptime came and that's when the p**p piles happened. Let me explain.

Over Christmas some cold, hungry, furry friends decided our garage would be the perfect haven against the winter elements. They made themselves right at home - chewing through boxes, rummaging in the recycle bin, snacking on expired vending machine product...! As happy as I was that they found our home to be the perfect place to become their home, I wanted them gone ASAP.

However, no sooner did we come home from our Christmas trip and it was time for us to leave again and spend several days in Atlanta. Hhmmm... what to do, what to do? Solution! Grandma would be here taking care of the boys - certainly it would be her pleasure to monitor the mice traps!

After several adventurous days, I think Grandma caught/killed/eliminated/trashed six furry friends. Each time my boys left the house with Grandma they thought checking the mouse traps was the funnest thing ever. (Yes, I just said funnest. And yes, I was an English major.)

It might merit mentioning that my eldest is, as I type, sitting in the livingroom watching Stuart Little because he has a new fascination with mice.

Fast-forward to today. It's been a week since Grandma conquored the invading mice, but it's only now that I've had time to clean the garage. And wow - was there a lot to clean! I slid our freezer away from the wall and you don't even want to know the p**py damage that these furry friends caused! Because my boys have bikes, balls, strollers, and toys in the garage, I wanted to be sure everything was disinfected and cleaned.

I'm not joking: I swept the garage; I mopped the garage; I Lysol-wiped the garage. And now I might be bold enough to eat off the garage floor. It's never been so clean. As much as I wanted to, I fought the urge to take pics of my p**p piles to share with you. You can thank me later.

First stop after cleaning the garage was my shower. Getting clean never felt so good. Once clean, it was time to get ready for a charity event - a Winter Ball - that required the little black dress to emerge from the very back of my closet.

After spending an afternoon making p**p piles, it was nice to get gussied up and head out for an evening with my husband. It was also nice to sit and talk with other adults - without highchairs, without bibs, without spills, without sippy cups, and without whining.

We got home last last night and my first stop, after paying the babysitter, was to head upstairs and check on the boys. I found Micah sleeping soundly on his tummy.

I found Grady Lee... half way down his bed with his legs hanging off the side. He was comfy-cozy in his fleece blanket from Grandma so I didn't bother him. (I wonder if he'll wake up tomorrow with a cramp in his leg?)

So there you have it: Messy crafts - p**p piles - and high heels. It's all in a day's work!


  1. Love the picture of you and Grady!

  2. I will be sanitizing my garage as soon as I have a free day. I have special shoes that I am wearing in there and take off before I come back inside. Any tips for cleaning the poop piles?
    PS I love reading your blog.